CGK President Jason Dorsey Speaking IN-PERSON to Over 700 Leaders from Across the U.S.!

"The event was action-packed from beginning to end. I was so excited to be back on a stage!"

'During the in-person event I shared how to unlock the potential of every generation, separating generational myth from truth about Gen Z to Boomers."

CGK President Jason Dorsey Speaking IN-PERSON to Over 700 Leaders from Across the U.S.!

"I was incredibly inspired to share my message about unlocking the potential of every generation with these amazing business owners and leaders from across the U.S.!!" Read More »

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CGK’s Research is in the MARTECH SERIES Focusing On Workers Driving A Digital-First Revolution

Digital tools and technology are no longer optional, they are necessary for businesses to operate and employees of every generation to deliver results.

Millennials and Gen Xers alike are no longer willing to compromise when it comes to technology in the workplace. This could have a significant impact on companies long-term, from recruiting and retention to training, collaboration, and talent development.

CGK President Jason Dorsey’s First Time Featured in GQ! He’s Talking TikTok and Gen Z Fashion. Seriously.

“Style Tribes” took to TikTok and have become one of the app’s big attractions.

The combination of Gen Z’s heavy TikTok usage along with their focus on fashion and style has created TikTok Style Tribes which has given both the app and the generation unexpected and viral influence over style trends. 

The Oldest Millennials are Now Over 40! CGK President Jason Dorsey shared what this means with The Detroit Free Press

Millennials are no longer the youngest, up-and-coming generation—instead, they are now the parents of the next generation! 

We are seeing Millennials approaching "getting older" with a new determination to continue adapting to whatever comes their way. In a sense, they’ve come this far, so they are ready to keep persisting to get to whatever is next and (hopefully) better. 

CGK Team Welcomes the Return of In-Person Presentations in 2021

After keynoting more than 50 virtual events, acclaimed Generational Speaker Jason Dorsey recently spoke at his first in-person event in 2021

Jason shared with the CGK Team his experience, excitement, and learnings from the keynote presentation and live Q&A session.

BBC Interview Featuring CGK Insights: How Generations Use Style to Stand Out

CGK's President shared with BBC Culture the importance of generational style, why it matters to each generation, and how it has changed throughout recent history.

Generations use style­–fashion and otherwise–to differentiate and set themselves apart from their parents’ and other generations’ identities.

CGK’s Discovery that Millennials are Splitting into Two Generations is Featured in Business Insider

CGK President Jason Dorsey Shared with Business Insider What Our Research Reveals About the Growing Millennial Generational Divide

CGK generational researcher and author of Zconomy Jason Dorsey shared with Hillary Hoffower of Business Insider a trove of our latest research-based insights about the pandemic’s impact on Millennials and the growing Millennial generational divide.

Zconomy Named a Top 10 Business Book of 2020 in Forbes

CGK Co-Founders' Definitive Book on Gen Z Receives Major Recognition for its Insights and Discoveries

We are thrilled to share that CGK CEO Denise Villa, PhD, and CGK President Jason Dorsey's new book, Zconomy: How Gen Z Will Change the Future of Business, was named a Top 10 Business Book in Forbes!

CGK’s Co-Founders and new Zconomy book featured in a 6-page story in Texas CEO Magazine

CGK co-founders get high-profile recognition for Zconomy and groundbreaking Gen Z research

CGK CEO Denise Villa, Ph.D., and CGK President, Jason Dorsey, were interviewed by Texas CEO Magazine for a feature story to discuss their new book, Zconomy: How Gen Z Will Change the Future of Business―and What to Do About It.

CGK’s Co-Founders and new Zconomy book featured in a 6-page story in Texas CEO Magazine

The interview with Jason and Dr. Villa was the focus of a 6-page feature story in Texas CEO Magazine. The feature story covered the surprising research-based insights and strategies from their definitive book about Gen Z, which was also a #1 New Release on Amazon. Read More »

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Exciting New CGK Research Studies – Now Available Online

Access our latest generational research discoveries from studies led during the COVID-19 pandemic

At CGK, we are continually leading original research to separate myth from truth when it comes to generations, from Baby Boomers to Generation Z.