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There are now five distinct generations of employees and customers. However, much of what is said about generations is not true or grounded in research! At CGK, we uncover the hidden behaviors driving each generation to unlock their potential as employees, customers, and trendsetters to drive growth. We’ve led over 120 research studies and helped over five hundred thousand leaders around the world overcome their generational challenges. We can help you, too.

Become a Research-Based Thought Leader

You need new and unexpected research-based insights that will drive you and your organization forward while bringing a valuable perspective to those you seek to influence. We’re experts in collaboratively leading quantitative research studies designed to deliver missing insights and valuable discoveries so you become a research-based thought leader in 90 days. Our clients have become the go-to resources in their space and led the innovation that propelled them and their brand forward fast.

Solve Your Generational Challenge

As new generations enter the workforce and drive new consumer and technology trends, it’s critical that leaders learn to adapt and grow with change. Our team helps companies around the world solve their generational challenges through original research that delivers practical answers from recruiting and retention in hard-to-hire industries to designing new customer experiences matching each generation’s buying priorities. We bring a new approach to leading studies that solve challenges specific to your customers, market, culture, workforce, regulation, and growth strategy.

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Engaging Speakers that Deliver Insights You Can Use Right Away

Our acclaimed keynote speakers have received standing ovations across the world from the US, Paris, London and Singapore. We are known for deeply customized presentations filled with unexpected insights, unforgettable frontline stories, case studies, and ready-to-use actions specific to your leaders.

Customized Keynotes

We know the right keynote speaker with the right message can make or break your event. You want your audience to be engaged from the very first minute, benefit from content that fits their day-to-day priorities, and be inspired to take action as soon as the event ends—and maybe even during it! Our keynotes are never canned because customization to you, your data, and your priorities allows us to deliver a highly entertaining, interactive programs packed with insights, tools, and actions that directly apply to your audience all wrapped up in a captivating presentation.

In-Depth Executive Programs

Insights programs with a conversational style that go deep into the discoveries, content, and strategies executives need to know but won’t hear anywhere else. These programs range from board meetings and strategy sessions to in-depth working sessions targeted to specific challenges by senior leadership. You’ll get access to the best of CGK’s discoveries and solutions but in a format that feels less like a keynote and more of an executive conversation and insights session.

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Why Make Generational Understanding A Priority?

Generations are changing everything: communication, trust, innovation, retention, and so much more. Accurately understanding generations drives better teamwork, more effective recruiting, higher retention, bigger sales, and faster growth. At CGK, we make these happen for you through our unique research and speaking. Check out our Generational FAQs to learn more!

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Did You Know?

70% of Gen Z think investing for retirement is important with 30% already having a retirement account.
65% of Gen Z that worked remotely actually felt MORE connected to their coworkers.
Millennials are more likely to use recruiting agencies to find jobs as opposed to asking friends like Gen Z.
63% of Gen Z believe in Universal Basic Income.

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The Generations Hub

Have you ever been confused (or frustrated!) by generational differences? At CGK, we’ve led over 120 research studies to uncover the hidden motivations, perspectives, and priorities of each generation. Check out our latest State of Gen Z® study or our bestselling book, Zconomy, to learn more

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The definitive book on Gen Z as employees, consumers, and trendsetters.
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Generational FAQS

Learn everything you need to know about generations, including what shapes them and more!
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Insights and Discoveries

Browse some of our favorite data, findings, and discoveries that you can use right away.