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CGK’s team has been featured in over 500 media outlets and appeared on over 200 TV shows including CNN, The Today Show, and 60 Minutes.

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The Center for Generational Kinetics is the trusted source on Gen Z, Millennials, and generational differences for journalists. We provide insights, perspective, and data to journalists that want to accurately and candidly understand generations. Our interview topics have ranged from Millennials and money and recruiting Gen Z as employees to health, employment, communication, and technology across generations.

Our experts have been featured in more than 500 media interviews, from national TV shows to newspaper cover stories. We are passionate about bringing an informed, research-based perspective to the generational conversation that helps the public separate fact from fiction.



CGK President and co-founder, Jason Dorsey, appeared on 22 TV shows in a single day representing Hilton and their third-annual 2024 Trends Report. He expertly revealed the report’s inspiring discoveries, unexpected travel trends, and shared his passion for data and insights into human behavior. 

Jason did each of the TV interviews from a live TV setup on a balcony overlooking the beautiful San Antonio Riverwalk at the stunning Canopy by Hilton San Antonio Riverwalk. This spokesperson role has been a big honor for Jason and the entire CGK team, where we love to turn data and insights into media and storylines.

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Gen Z, TikTok, and Millennials Living with their Parents

Generations expert Jason Dorsey shares his latest insights into Gen Z and their reliance on TikTok for financial advice as well as why more 20-somethings are living with their parents now than since The Great Depression. This is Jason’s fourth time on the show! Jason Dorsey and his research team at The Center for Generational Kinetics (CGK) have led more than 100 generational research studies, including their acclaimed annual research study on Gen Z, The State of Gen Z®. In addition, Jason co-authored the bestselling book on Generation Z, Zconomy: How Gen Z Will Change the Future of Business, which Forbes selected as a Top 10 Business Book of 2020.

Talking About Generation Z on The Today Show

Jason has appeared on The Today Show four times! He was thrilled to return and share his new insights into Generation Z and their employment future. A global Gen Z researcher and expert, Jason co-authored the bestselling Gen Z book, Zconomy: How Gen Z Will Change the Future of Busines—and What To Do About it. Gen Z’s emergence as employees is important to study as they’re the fastest-growing generation in the workforce and their entry has been heavily impacted by the pandemic. While many employers are struggling to find employees, Gen Z is also struggling to find jobs.
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Talking about Zconomy and Gen Z on National TV!

Generation Z expert and acclaimed generations researcher Jason Dorsey shares new insights and groundbreaking research about Gen Z on national TV. Jason is President of The Center for Generational Kinetics, the leading Gen Z and generations research, speaking, and consulting firm. Jason has worked with over 700 clients around the world, including every major industry.

Jason is on a mission to separate generational myth from truth so leaders can make informed decisions to unlock the potential of every generation. Jason has led numerous Gen Z studies including his annual State of Gen Z research study which is frequently cited in the media.

Economic Impact of the Pandemic on Gen Z

Jason Dorsey shares new research and his unique perspective on the impact of the pandemic on Gen Z and their career. As CGK’s research has shown, the COVID-19 pandemic is a Generation Defining Moment for Gen Z.

The pandemic is affecting Gen Z’s work, education, and life plans as well as how they’re approaching savings, spending, and more. In this interview, Jason shares what you need to know about Gen Z at this critical time in their emergence. And… the barking dog is on Maria’s set not at Jason’s office. Jason did confirm this was the first time a barking dog joined him on national TV!

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Popular media loves to say Millennials are spoiled, lazy, and entitled, but is it true? In this eye-opening interview on The CBS Early Show, Millennial expert Jason Dorsey brings an insider perspective to the “Millennial and Gen Y entitlement” debate. Jason shares insights from his extensive work with managers and executives around the world who hire, lead, and depend on Millennials as employees.


Millennials, aka Gen Y, will spend over $1 trillion this year in the U.S. alone. This massive generation of consumers, clients, and customers is changing how businesses market and sell. In this controversial interview on The CBS Early Show, Jason Dorsey breaks national news by sharing new research that reveals how strongly Millennials trust strangers online when making purchasing decisions. This is an interview that you’ll want to share—you won’t believe this shocking data!

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MILLENNIALS business moguls

Millennials and Gen Y are starting new and disruptive businesses at a very young age. In this provocative interview on The CBS Early Show, The Center’s President and Co-Founder, Jason Dorsey, shares why Millennials and Gen Y are able to start businesses at such a young age and what makes them think differently about being entrepreneurs. You won’t believe how much the young lady featured on the interview sold her company for—and while still in high school! Watch the video to find out.


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