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Video - Millennials or Baby Boomers: Who Should Marketers Target?

Watch the debate on this CNBC Power Lunch interview to find out if marketers should target Baby Boomers or Millennials.
Jason Dorsey, The Center’s President and Co-Founder, shares his expert insight from our extensive work with adapting marketing and sales strategies to fit a changing customer:

“Millennials are up for grabs. We have the least established loyalty. We’re trendsetters. People look to us as the future. We’re increasingly earning and spending more money.”


Millennials (aka Generation Y) are the fastest growing generation in the marketplace. Whether you sell or market cars, insurance, houses, groceries, or something else, Millennials are a hot topic because they are the consumer you have to reach if you want to grow for the next twenty years. The challenge is that Millennials and Gen Y buy differently than any previous generation. Knowing how to sell to Millennials without turning off other generations is critical to a stable business with year-over-year growth. The Center can teach you how to do exactly that. Contact us for more info.


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