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How We Help You Become a Research-Based Thought Leader in 90 Days

Standing out in crowded and competitive markets has never been more important or urgent. Working with CGK we help you to design a custom national or international study that uncovers the missing, hidden, and must-talk-about insights that your market or industry can’t find anywhere else—except from you.

We do all the heavy lifting to make your research-based thought leadership platform come to life using our unique, PhD-led research approach. And we deliver your study findings in just 90 days!


Study Strategy, Development, and Fielding

Create your study strategy, develop your unique questionnaire, soft-launch your study, and then field it within 8 weeks.


In-Depth Analysis and Findings Delivery

We apply multivariate analysis to your data to uncover the best insights, stories, and discoveries. We then present your findings to you in 4 weeks.


Optional Asset Development

With your unique study, you have the option for CGK to create key influential assets such as whitepapers, infographics, media packages, and webinars. This optional process takes 3 to 6 weeks.

Thought Leadership Examples

We create high-powered, strategic thought leadership assets for our clients.

Research-Based Whitepapers & Influencer Infographics

Companies We’ve Helped Become Thought Leaders

News Features for Software Company Through Original Research

News Features for Software Company Through Original Research


CGK worked with Ultimate Software (NASDAQ: ULTI) on a series of three original national research studies to uncover new and unexpected trends, mindsets, and behaviors relating to workforce change, technology, and innovation.


Ultimate’s team was featured on more than 20 TV news appearances in a single day! The research discoveries became proprietary IP and ongoing resources for content marketing, B2B sales, and were used to inform future product roadmaps.

National TV Coverage and Ongoing Lead Generation

National TV Coverage and Ongoing Lead Generation


CGK worked with Brand Builders Group to lead an original study to determine the hidden impact of personal brands from growth and trust to marketing and sales. In addition, CGK tested BBG’s approach to uncover what matters most in growing personal brands.


Within 24 hours of the study’s release, the co-founder of Brand Builders Group was featured on Good Morning America talking about the research! The study’s research report became one of the highest-converting lead sources for the firm and continues to be to this day.
Solve a Product Messaging Challenge to Grow Consumer Sales Faster

Solve a Product Messaging Challenge to Grow Consumer Sales Faster


CGK worked with Yorktown Technologies to lead an original national study to uncover the behavioral barriers and drivers for consumers purchasing the company’s key products and then determine how to overcome the barriers and hesitations.


The company integrated the unexpected findings into messaging across their retail outlets which led to very meaningful growth and, ultimately, an acquisition of the company.

The State of Gen Z®2023:

new discoveries into what gen z wants from leaders, as consumers, and more

Want a firsthand look at our research? Check out the latest edition of our proprietary State of Gen Z® annual research series, where we break down the trends and provide insights into how Gen Z is changing year over year. The study’s insights have been featured on more than 50 national and international media outlets from the BBC to CNBC and The Today Show.

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