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Generational Challenges are upending businesses, from recruiting and retaining employees to marketing innovation and sales growth. At CGK, we are the #1 experts in leading research and developing custom strategies that solve urgent generational challenges. We have helped major brands go from last to first in employee retention and driven multi-billion dollar sales growth for industry-leading platforms. We would love to apply our insights to your challenges to make you the hero!


Workforce Solutions

Solve your challenges of recruiting, retaining, engaging, and developing the talent of every generation.


Customer Solutions

Uncover missing insights to create customer experiences and marketing that drives trust, sales and loyalty.


Innovation Solutions

Work with CGK's insights leaders to create new products, solutions, and experiences that future-proof your business.

Recruiting & Retention

Gen Z and Millennials were already changing the way companies needed to recruit, engage, and retain before the pandemic. Now, with The Great Resignation, remote work, unprecedented job openings, and all-new employee expectations, companies need to know how to adapt their hiring, retention and employee engagement approach to drive new results fast. Work with us to uncover the missing insights, strategies, solutions, and perspective with research specific to your organization to drive the exact employment outcomes you need across generations.

CGK Research Helps You Solve Employee Recruitment and Retention Challenges

What is most important to each generation when looking at your job postings?

How do we best manage our employees when they’re both in-person and virtual?

How do we keep employees longer when we can’t give them promotions or raises so frequently?


Selling, Marketing, and Creating Ideal Customer Experiences Across Generations

Generational change and differences are placing tremendous pressure on sales and marketing strategies, and customer experience. Each generation brings a different perspective, life stage, and behavioral drivers that influence how they shop, communicate, build consumer trust, and buy. Companies need ways to future-proof their business by growing loyalty within their current consumers and expanding to attract and keep new ones. CGK’s custom market and consumer research allows you to understand what’s important to your customers and how you can deliver on those behavioral drivers at each step of your customer experience journey.

CGK Research Helps You Drive More ROI With Your Marketing

How do I reach younger consumers and clients in a way they trust and instantly engage?

What works with Gen Z now to get them to refer their friends to my product, service, or brand?

How do I adapt my marketing to attract Gen Z and Millennials while keeping Gen X and Baby Boomers?

Companies We’ve Helped

News Features for Software Company Through Original Research

News Features for Software Company Through Original Research


CGK worked with Ultimate Software (NASDAQ: ULTI) on a series of three original national research studies to uncover new and unexpected trends, mindsets, and behaviors relating to workforce change, technology, and innovation.


Ultimate’s team was featured on more than 20 TV news appearances in a single day! The research discoveries became proprietary IP and ongoing resources for content marketing, B2B sales, and were used to inform future product roadmaps.

National TV Coverage and Ongoing Lead Generation

National TV Coverage and Ongoing Lead Generation


CGK worked with Brand Builders Group to lead an original study to determine the hidden impact of personal brands from growth and trust to marketing and sales. In addition, CGK tested BBG’s approach to uncover what matters most in growing personal brands.


Within 24 hours of the study’s release, the co-founder of Brand Builders Group was featured on Good Morning America talking about the research! The study’s research report became one of the highest-converting lead sources for the firm and continues to be to this day.

Solve a Product Messaging Challenge to Grow Consumer Sales Faster

Solve a Product Messaging Challenge to Grow Consumer Sales Faster


CGK worked with Yorktown Technologies to lead an original national study to uncover the behavioral barriers and drivers for consumers purchasing the company’s key products and then determine how to overcome the barriers and hesitations.


The company integrated the unexpected findings into messaging across their retail outlets which led to very meaningful growth and, ultimately, an acquisition of the company.

The State of Gen Z®:


Want a firsthand look at our research? Check out the latest edition of our proprietary State of Gen Z® annual research series, where we break down the trends and provide insights into how Gen Z is changing year over year and what leaders need to know now.

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