EXECUTIVE sessions

Exclusive insights and strategy sessions designed specifically for Executives and Senior Leaders.

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Executive sessions are one of CGK’s most popular programs. These in-depth programs are not a keynote, but more conversational style, designed for small groups of senior leaders, custom built around core insights and outcomes. CGK’s speakers have led executive sessions for portfolio company meetings, public company boards, private equity firm retreats, senior leader quarterly meetings, and many more. You select the program length and our team will work with you to custom build a program that is ideal for your executives, meeting, and strategic goals.


Extended Keynote Program

Our in-depth programs are designed for smaller groups that want to go much deeper into the insights, trends, conversations, and strategies. These are ideal for executive sessions, boards of directors, strategy meetings, innovation sessions, and senior leadership briefings. Our Extended Keynote Program allows this insights-driven, conversational program and extra time for Q&A to answer questions immediately, including trends we uncovered in the data provided.


Collaboration Program

This half-day program is ideal to drive conversation, collaboration, trust, and advance strategy. The collaboration program includes specific blocks of time for participants and CGK’s expert presenters to dig into key challenges or opportunities that are time-sensitive. The program is custom-designed to fit exactly the room setup, attendee dynamics, and culture of your organization in addition to the must-achieve insights outcomes.


Innovation Program

This program allows you to get a half day with our team and expands upon the principles of the In-Depth Collaboration Program. You’ll get customized generational discoveries, we’ll walk through your data together, Action Group work can take place (size dependent), the maximum number of strategies possible, and includes both an ongoing Q&A throughout the program and a conversational, collaborative style that drives innovation.

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Ready for your Senior Leaders to have a deeper, actionable understanding of what matters most when it comes to generational change in your organization or industry? Reach out to our team and we’ll work with you to create a highly custom program.

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