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CGK President Jason Dorsey is Featured in His First 9-Minute National TV Interview on Gen Z, Money, and More

In this interview, Jason hits on all of the hot-button topics that leaders need to know now to better understand Gen Z

CGK President Jason Dorsey hit all the hot-button topics in his first 9-Minute National News TV Interview, including Gen Z, consumer debt, inflation, universal basic income, credit cards, retirement, and much more. This is one of the most in-depth and surprising interviews Jason has ever done. The questions were fantastic. Please watch it and share it with your team (and family)!

Here are some of the key points Jason covered in his high-energy interview:

  • Why Gen Z is spending more now
  • Growing credit card balances
  • Impact of inflation on saving and mindset
  • Universal Basic Income and Gen Z
  • Retirement planning—or not
  • And much more!

This interview couldn’t have been delivered at a more relevant time. At CGK, we’re seeing rapidly changing dynamics (and collisions) when it comes to different generations and their money, spending, view of government, employment, home buying, and planning for the future.

Gen Z is very misunderstood. Leaders, marketers, communities, and parents(!) need data-driven insights into this important generation that is now the fastest-growing generation in the workforce and of consumers.

From our years of studying generations at CGK, we know that if a business wants to have a strong foundation for years of growth, it’s essential they understand Gen Z now and effectively engage this generation within a multigenerational environment. We believe that the key is to understand Gen Z and then decide how to best lead, communicate, and connect with them alongside two, three, or even four other generations at the same time.

This interview is filled with many discoveries from our annual State of Gen Z research study, and Jason’s personal experience working with over 700 brands and organizations to understand and engage different generations of customers, clients, and global trendsetters.

We encourage you to watch the video and share it with your team!

If you enjoyed watching this interview, you’ll love our latest 29-page State of Gen Z research report. You can download it for free on our website by clicking here.

You can also download the first two chapters from our bestselling book on Gen Z, Zconomy: How Gen Z Will Change the Future of Business. This book has more than 50 strategies to engage Gen Z now. Download your free chapters from our website by clicking here.

Thank you for being on this journey of discovery, problem-solving, and inspiration with CGK. We are excited for you to watch the interview and share it with your team.

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