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Video - Millennial Business Moguls

Millennials and Gen Y are starting new and disruptive businesses at a very young age. In this provocative interview on The CBS Early Show, The Center’s President and Co-Founder, Jason Dorsey, shares why Millennials and Gen Y are able to start businesses at such a young age and what makes them think differently about being entrepreneurs. You won’t believe how much the young lady featured on the interview sold her company for—and while still in high school! Watch the video to find out.


Millennials and Generation Y number over 83 million in the U.S. and 2.5 billion globally. This massive, diverse, and ever-connected generation is changing how we do business by starting their own companies—in a dorm room, garage, or while still living with Mom. The Center’s team consists of award-winning Millennial entrepreneurs and we are passionate about helping people of all ages launch and grow their business. Our President and Co-Founder, Jason Dorsey, won the Austin Under 40 Entrepreneur of the Year Award at age 25, one of the youngest winners ever.


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