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Zconomy Featured as One of 13 Exciting New Business Books for 2020

The forthcoming book on Gen Z by CGK’s founders is gaining national attention in advance of its release.

  • Zconomy is on the list of recommended business books coming out this year!
  • The new book about Gen Z features extensive research, stories, and how-to from CGK’s years of generational research, speaking, and consulting.
  • Zconomy provides leaders with a toolkit for understanding, marketing to, and employing Gen Z.

Practical eCommerce recently released its list of 13 exciting business books coming out this year. We are proud that Zconomy is featured on this list along with other great titles by notable authors and thinkers. The list was geared toward entrepreneurs, managers, and creative professionals—all groups whose industries, markets, and jobs are going to be impacted dramatically by the change Gen Z brings.

Zconomy distills years of comprehensive generational research, including insights from CGK’s more than 60 research studies and 700+ clients, into one groundbreaking book. It offers leaders a practical toolbox filled with unexpected insights and strategies for solving generational challenges with Gen Z employees and consumers. The book is truly a step-by-step guide to understanding Gen Z and unlocking their tremendous potential.

The need for Zconomy’s publication could not be more urgent. Gen Z are rapidly entering into the workplace and marketplace, shifting norms, challenging tried-and-true strategies, and setting powerful trends. Zconomy provides a practical, insights-driven guide to understanding Gen Z and leveraging that knowledge to grow your brand, organization, and career. Authors Jason Dorsey and Dr. Denise Villa lead The Center for Generational Kinetics, an international market research firm dedicated to studying generations so leaders can drive measurable results.

Zconomy recently became available for pre-order on Amazon! If you believe Gen Z could impact your business, organization, and future, order your copy of Zconomy now and unlock their potential.

CGK wishes to extend a big thank you to Practical eCommerce for including Zconomy on their list of recommended business books for 2020!

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