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CGK President Jason Dorsey is Featured on CBS National News

In this interview, Jason discusses an interesting new trend within younger generations—posting videos of their layoff experiences on TikTok!

CGK President Jason Dorsey recently appeared on CBS National News sharing his viewpoint on an interesting new trend taking hold primarily within younger generations—quitting their job or getting laid off… and then sharing videos of their experience on TikTok!

Curious about what’s behind this movement? Here’s what Jason unpacks in the interview:

  • The real reasons behind the trend that may surprise you.
  • Whether this is a fleeting moment or the new normal.
  • The outcomes for Gen Zers going public with their job exits.
  • Insights for employers navigating this new social media terrain.

To some, this might seem a bit puzzling at first glance, but when you look closer, Gen Z’s behavior aligns with their take on what makes for compelling content in their social media worlds.

For Gen Z, life is an open book with chapters on the ups and downs—job losses and heartbreaks included—and it’s all shared online. But Jason suggests there’s more to this story, and he covers the deeper reason why they may be engaging in this trend in his CBS National interview.

Check out the interview to get Jason’s perspective on the key reasons behind why young people are embracing this trend.

If generational dynamics pique your interest, you’ll want to get your hands on our latest State of Gen Z research study. You can find it available for download at no cost to you on our website in the Generations Hub, or by clicking here. The study uncovers some fresh insights about how Gen Z views leadership, their role as consumers, and their life perspectives.

If you’ve been following our work here at CGK, you’ll know we are all about celebrating the unique strengths each generation brings to the table. The more we learn about each other, the better we can tap into the amazing potential each of us holds.

We are excited for you to watch Jason’s interview, and join us on this journey to understanding and appreciating the diverse and valuable contributions every generation has to offer our world.

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