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CGK President Jason Dorsey Keynotes for Coach Store Manager Conference

This is his fourth time keynoting for their wonderful organization

CGK President Jason Dorsey received a standing ovation for his presentation at none other than Coach’s Store Manager Conference! Jason has spoken for Coach and their amazing leaders and visionaries four times now and says the energy in the room always inspires him.

This event was special to Jason because he got to speak directly to the leaders who make it happen at every store in North America—and a throughline for the entire event was unlocking generational potential. The focus was perfect because these great store leaders create amazing in-store experiences, unlock team member talent, and represent the brand in their communities. They truly meet customers right where they are: in their retail stores!

In Jason’s keynote, he dove deep into the Gen Z landscape—discussing their evolving place as customers, brand fans, and trendsetters. These store managers are on the frontline, navigating generational nuances every day, and their passion for creating a seamless experience shines through.

The energy in the ballroom? Unforgettable. This team of retail leaders knows how to make an education and professional growth gathering feel like a celebration of shared purpose and vision.

A highlight for Jason was sharing a photo of his daughter, Rya, overwhelmed with surprise from the unexpected gift Coach sent her. We love that their brand is creating memorable experiences for every generation! Jason and The Center for Generational Kinetics are proud to be a small part of Coach’s exciting journey and inspiring conference.

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