Gen Z and the Great Resignation? It turns out many Gen Z workers are thinking about their next job. Are you doing what it takes to keep them? Watch CGK President Jason Dorsey’s Yahoo! Finance interview to hear CGK’s surprising discoveries into Gen Z workforce trends

Gen Z is benefitting from the Great Resignation in very significant ways.

As this generation moves further into the workforce, gaining the skills and experience to become even more valuable, we anticipate seeing their impact and importance in the workplace grow even more—making this the ideal time for employers to learn what to do now to attract, retain, and develop Gen Z in their workforces. 

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We are thrilled to share this video and quick case study overview from a great company.

We are so inspired by what Supportworks is all about (and why they are a repeat best places to work award winner) and how their own family-led business continues to grow and evolve in the service of others.

CGK President Jason Dorsey Keynoting Vermeer Corporation’s North American Workforce Development Summit

Talented employees of every generation are looking for jobs, careers, and new opportunities—but often don’t know where to start.

If you’ve been on a walk, drive, or to pretty much any store lately, you’ve probably seen all the HELP WANTED signs. They seem to be in almost every storefront. The workforce shortage facing organizations in industries across the U.S. is urgent.

CGK President Jason Dorsey’s First Time Keynoting in Athletic Wear!

"I was thrilled to deliver my first-ever keynote in athletic wear, including a bold red t-shirt!"

It was exciting to see their leaders so fired up about actions they can use right now to lead each generation of their team members. 

CGK President Jason Dorsey Talking to CNBC About Gen Z’s Desire for Sustainability and the Rise of Greenwashing

Gen Z’s desire for sustainable products and businesses is robust and growing.

As companies recalibrate and adapt to fit Gen Z’s quest for sustainability and improving the planet, a new and overlooked but important reality has emerged: greenwashing. 

CGK President Jason Dorsey Speaking to Leaders Around the World As An Avatar!

The event was incredible. We had people joining from all over the world as their favorite avatar!

Acclaimed Generational Speaker CGK President Jason Dorsey recently spoke to leaders around the world—virtually—as an avatar! Jason shared his experience and learnings with the CGK team, and we’d love to share them with you.

CGK President Jason Dorsey Sharing New, Actionable Insights with Thousands of Leaders Around the World!

With a 15-person film crew and everything from sound, lighting, and filmography to makeup and stage design, this virtual event had it all!

CGK President Jason Dorsey recently keynoted an exciting virtual event for thousands of leaders around the world and shared his experience with the CGK Team.

CGK President Jason Dorsey Speaking to Leaders Across Asia!

500 of them received copies of his new book, Zconomy!

CGK President Jason Dorsey recently spoke to leaders across Asia and shared his experience and learnings with the CGK team.

Yahoo! Finance Interview With Jason Dorsey: Revealing The Best Cities For Gen Z Renters

CGK President Jason Dorsey Shared His Thinking—and Our Latest Research—on the Most Important Rental Trends Leaders Need to Know About Gen Z.

Remote work unlocks tremendous new opportunities for Gen Zers and where they choose to work and live.

Yahoo! Finance Interview With Jason Dorsey: Revealing The Best Cities For Gen Z Renters

Job opportunities, particularly those with remote-work options for Gen Z, have enabled younger workers to live in smaller cities or more cost-effective geographies and still work for remote employers willing to pay more than their local community via remote work. Read More »

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CGK Team Welcomes the Return of In-Person Presentations in 2021

After keynoting more than 50 virtual events, acclaimed Generational Speaker Jason Dorsey recently spoke at his first in-person event in 2021

Jason shared with the CGK Team his experience, excitement, and learnings from the keynote presentation and live Q&A session.