How Millennials Waiting to Have Kids is Affecting Big Brands

Jason Dorsey weighs in on how the baby care industry can weather the Millennial storm

As the US fertility rate continues to hit record lows, major baby care brands are reeling from Millennials’ decision to delay parenthood.

How Millennials Waiting to Have Kids is Affecting Big Brands

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics, the US fertility rate fell to 60.2 births per 1,000 women of childbearing age in 2017, down 3 percent from 2016. Read More »

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Gen Z Experiences Prom through a Smartphone Lens

Gen Z won’t pull away from their smartphones—even during prom!

It’s no secret that Gen Z are digital natives, and now most are connected to their smartphones—even at their own prom!

Gen Z Experiences Prom through a Smartphone Lens

According to a recent KVUE article, smartphones are instrumental in organizing and documenting prom night for Gen Z. Read More »


How is Generations Research Different from Market Research?

The Center’s Director of Research Elli Denison Ph.D. reveals the advantages of generational research compared to traditional market research

As the Director of Research at The Center, I get asked a lot of questions about the generations research we do for our clients.

What Does Gen Z Value in the Workplace?

With millions of Gen Z entering the workforce, The Center’s Dr. Denise Villa and Heather Watson talk with CNBC about their expectations

With Baby Boomers on the brink of retirement and Gen X and Millennials squarely in the driver’s seat when it comes to the workforce, Gen Z is poised to come in and shake things up.

Millennials and Taxes: The Knowledge Gap

Many young adults still rely on parents to do their taxes

Many Millennials still receive financial help from their parents well into their twenties and thirties—and not just in cash.

What Does Gen Z Value at Work? Register for Our Live Webinar to Find Out!

Sign up for our upcoming webinar to get exclusive research findings on the generation after Millennials

We’ve compiled our original Gen Z data into a live, free webinar that reveals what Gen Z values at work.

How Does Gen Z Actually Use YouTube?

Heather Watson, CGK’s behavioral designer, explains how our latest research discoveries will help your brand engage with Gen Z on YouTube

Gen Z spends a lot of time on YouTube—or as they called it in our last focus group “Google-Tube.” Why? Because they are using it to search for things online the way older generations use Google.

5 Ways to Make Your Company Gen Z Friendly

Is your organization an employer for young, talented workers entering the labor force?

By 2020, Gen Z, the generation after Millennials, will comprise 20% of the American workforce. And in the next few years, nearly 61 million Gen Zers will be searching for jobs.

5 Ways to Make Your Company Gen Z Friendly

Here are five tips we pulled together from Human Resource Executive to help ensure Gen Z applies to and thrives in your company. Read More »


What it Really Means When Millennials “Kill” an Industry

Jason Dorsey sheds light on how certain industries fail to adapt to changing needs

It seems there’s a new headline every day about Millennials “killing” a different industry.

How Much Financial Help Do Millennials Receive?

New studies find that even Millennials with full-time jobs receive financial help from parents

With a historic amount of student debt, rising rents, and stagnating wages, Millennials need all the help they can get…and it’s coming from their parents.