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Gen Z Creates Digital Celebrities

46% of Gen Z follow more than 10 online influencers

According to our national study, “The State of Gen Z® 2018,” 46% of Gen Z follow more than 10 online influencers (10% even follow 50 or more!).

Jason Dorsey, Gen Z expert, shared, “The ‘stars’ of Gen Z are not those seen on TV or at a big-time concert hall, they’re the people who Gen Z follow every day on their smartphone or tablet. And whether the influencer’s following is a niche ten thousand or a massive ten million, these online personalities make an immediate impact on Gen Z’s brand loyalty and purchasing decisions, even more than with Millennials.

Our research found that 73% of Gen Z follow at least one brand on social media and 52% are following three brands or more. By aligning with the right social media influencers, brands gain immediate and powerful access to reach Gen Z through these platforms. Companies need to embrace this approach, and leverage it as part of their marketing efforts, because Gen Z will ditch the companies that don’t keep up.”

Visit to learn more about the study’s findings and download the complete Gen Z whitepaper. Researchers Jason Dorsey and Denise Villa, Ph.D. are available for comment.

The Center for Generational Kinetics is the #1 Gen Z and Millennial research, speaking, and consulting firm. Our team of Ph.D. researchers work with more than 160 clients annually to solve generational challenges, from marketing to Gen Z and selling to Millennials or employing multiple generations. The Center helps clients through original research, consulting, and keynote presentations.

The Center’s clients range from automakers and financial services to retailers, CPG, private equity, and global technology companies. The work of The Center’s co-founders to explore and bridge generations has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, from 60 Minutes and the BBC to The Washington Post and The New York TimesLearn more about us and access the new Gen Z research findings at

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