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2018 – 8 of our favorite highlights you made possible

Our team voted on our Top 8 Moments from 2018

Happy almost 2019! It’s been an incredibly exciting year for us and it wouldn’t have happened without YOU.

Thank you! To share with you the journey your support has helped us make possible, our team voted on our Top 8 Moments from 2018.

There are some really great moments, some surprises, and some personally meaningful breakthroughs. Please take a quick scroll below.

On behalf of the entire research, speaking, and consulting team at The Center for Generational Kinetics, thank YOU for being a part of our journey. We are grateful for you.

And here they are, thanks to you, our Top 8 Moments of 2018…

#1 Your response to our new State of Gen Z® 2018 research study

In October, we released our annual State of Gen Z® research report!

This was our most comprehensive Gen Z report so far (36 pages!). We explore this exciting generation as employees, customers, and trendsetters.

Thanks to each of you who downloaded the study (now with thousands of downloads!) and for your great comments and feedback. It means so much to our team!

If you haven’t downloaded the study, get your free copy of the 36-page report here.

#2 Featured in the USA Today story on Millennials and Sears

Did Millennials *really* drive the death of Sears or was it something else? Our President and Co-Founder, Jason Dorsey, was so excited to be a part of this story and separate myth from the truth about Millennials and retail.

Check out the video he recorded and the link to the USA Today story on Jason’s blog.

#3 Dr. Villa and Heather Watson rocked the house speaking about Gen Z at SXSW

The Center’s CEO, Dr. Denise Villa, and behavioral designer, Heather Watson, presented our research on Gen Z as employees at SXSW!

The Gen Z findings generated a ton of buzz and excitement—and lots of great media interviews.

Visit our blog for highlights from the event.

#4 Launched the new Jason Dorsey website and NEW SPEECHES

Our team has been working for months on my new website. It was exciting to see it go live and receive your great emails of feedback. Thank you! If you haven’t seen the new site check it out:

The new site includes a diagram of the “Millennial split” on the homepage, an explanation of generational birth years—and my brand-new speeches.

I’m excited for you to take a look!

#5 Quoted in Texas Monthly’s cover story!

This was a special story for our President and Co-Founder, Jason Dorsey, because he talked about how Millennials and younger generations are revitalizing small towns.

He grew up in a small Texas town. It’s amazing to see the positive impact young generations are having on small towns, not only in Texas, but all over the country.

You can watch the video he recorded and read the story on his blog here.

#6 NBC News filmed us talking about generations in our office

NBC News visited our office earlier this year to ask us to separate generational myths from truth and explain delayed adulthood.

They asked all kinds of questions and filmed some great behind the scenes footage of our staff. Watch the TV segment on our blog here!

#7 Dr. Villa quoted in the Wall Street Journal

Our CEO, Dr. Denise Villa, was quoted in a Wall Street Journal feature story about Generation Z and their relationship with money and savings.

Check out our blog to learn what she said and see how our groundbreaking Gen Z research proved they are more frugal than other generations (there is even a video for you to watch!).

She also gives tips on how employers can better manage their employees in the blog.

#8 Our keynote speakers headlined events in 3 countries on the same day!

Jason Dorsey was in Amsterdam sharing our new research on Gen Z consumers. At the same time, Dr. Denise Villa, The Center’s CEO, was in Canada revealing the results of a custom national research study.

Plus, our Certified Speakers were keynoting events in Tennessee and California!

And it all happened the same day!

BONUS #9: Saying thank you to YOU for your ongoing support

As you can see, this was an incredible year for our team. We are humbled, grateful, and inspired by your support.

We look forward to working with you in 2019 and sharing our latest discoveries!

Thank you and very happy holidays.

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