Gen Z is Used to Everything On-Demand and They Want Access to Their Paychecks On-Demand Too

Payroll frequency is a thing—and an important one!

Generation Z is the fastest growing generation in the workforce today. At the same time, employers are urgently trying to recruit and retain workers during the current labor shortage, which makes Gen Z even more valuable than before.

Gen Z is Throwing it Back Old School and Making Cash Cool Again

The vintage vibes cash gives only adds to its appeal for this nostalgic generation.

Gen Z is in a place where they are trying to limit costs—especially hidden and unnecessary fees—so paying with cash makes all of this easier for many purchases.

Zconomy Was Featured on Forbes List of Top Four Books to Help You Reach New Levels of Success

Reshape your mindset for success!

Accurately understanding the mindset, behaviors, generation-defining events, and experiences of Gen Z is critical for leaders of every generation to know. The better we understand Gen Z, the better we can see the future and the trends that are going to reshape our daily lives.

Zconomy Was Featured on Forbes List of Top Four Books to Help You Reach New Levels of Success

Forbes is well known for creating recommended reading lists that make an impact—personally and professionally. So when we learned that Zconomy made a Forbes list, we couldn’t wait to share it with all of you! Read More »

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Gen Z Investors Have Been Hit Hard by the Stock Market and Cryptocurrency Crash and are Rethinking Their Investment Approach

Gen Z faces a moment of truth and learning.

It’s critically important that the generation not give up on investing but learn from this experience and apply lessons to become better investors as Gen Z has the most time to compound their gains of any adult generation right now!

Gen Z and the Great Resignation? It turns out many Gen Z workers are thinking about their next job. Are you doing what it takes to keep them? Watch CGK President Jason Dorsey’s Yahoo! Finance interview to hear CGK’s surprising discoveries into Gen Z workforce trends

Gen Z is benefitting from the Great Resignation in very significant ways.

As this generation moves further into the workforce, gaining the skills and experience to become even more valuable, we anticipate seeing their impact and importance in the workplace grow even more—making this the ideal time for employers to learn what to do now to attract, retain, and develop Gen Z in their workforces. 

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We are thrilled to share this video and quick case study overview from a great company.

We are so inspired by what Supportworks is all about (and why they are a repeat best places to work award winner) and how their own family-led business continues to grow and evolve in the service of others.

Gen Z and Retirement? It turns out Gen Z are…savers. Watch CGK President Jason Dorsey’s Yahoo! Finance interview for very unexpected findings from our study

Majority of Gen Z in the US do not believe that Social Security will be able to financially provide for their retirement needs.

The combination of saving for retirement at an early age, seeking out employee benefits such as retirement matching, and a keen interest in being financially self-reliant are setting Gen Z up for a much more solid financial future later in life.

CGK President Jason Dorsey on BBC Debating if Gen Z is Actually “Weaker” Than Older Generations. His answer may surprise you.

Like every generation, Gen Z is coming of age with unique experiences, challenges, and events that are shaping their worldview.

Each generation brings something different to the world, making their own mark (intentionally or not), and paving the way for future generations.

CGK President Jason Dorsey Speaking to CNBC about the Rapidly Growing Influence of TikTok on Hollywood and Reaching Gen Z Audiences

Meeting Gen Z where they are right now.

As Gen Z comes up, they really are the best predictor of the future. Smart brands are trying to figure out how you connect with them in a sincere way. If you win Gen Z, you can win everyone else.

Crossing the Generational Divide: CGK President Jason Dorsey Has An In-Depth Q&A With MarketFacts

Where can you start to unlock the potential of each generation, from Gen Z to Baby Boomers? 

As leaders, it is our strong belief that now is the time to assess, understand, and unlock each generation's potential within a multi-generational environment.