Gen Z Are Not “Millennials 2.0”

CGK President Jason Dorsey Shared the Latest Key Insights About the New Generation Coming of Age

Kathryn Lundstrom from Adweek recently spoke with CGK President and lead generational researcher Jason to discuss the state of Gen Z.

From A to Gen Z: How the Pandemic Has Impacted the Youngest Generation and All Americans

Jim Fitzpatrick of CBT News Sat Down with CGK President Jason Dorsey For A Wide-Ranging Interview

Jason Dorsey sat down with Jim Fitzpatrick of CBT News via Zoom to discuss several key topics affecting Gen Z and all generations.

Half of Graduating High School Seniors Have Changed Their Plans

Another Tell-Tale Sign That the Pandemic is Gen Z’s ‘Generation Defining Moment’

Historically, many graduating high school seniors have looked to traditional, brick and mortar universities as the natural next step to their formal education.

College in the Time of the Pandemic

The Only Certainty is That the Collegiate Experience Will Be VERY Different

Colleges and universities across the country were forced to move to an online format or close completely this past spring as they rapidly tried to adapt to a situation most have never encountered before: a global pandemic.

A Defining Moment: The Impacts of the Pandemic on Gen Z and What It Means for Their Future

How the Pandemic is Shaping the Future as Gen Z Comes of Age

According to our latest research, Gen Z has seen the worst of these effects, especially on the economic side.

Gen Z During the Pandemic: One Generation, Four Different Experiences

CGK President and Gen Z expert Jason Dorsey shared with Business Insider what our data is showing across all ages of Gen Z

It's likely Gen Z will become even more financially risk-averse than they already are and that the pandemic will change how they view work and learning.

Gen Z Driven to Save

CGK President Jason Dorsey Shared Our Latest Insights with Plansponsor on Gen Z, Their Personal Finances, and How the Pandemic Will Influence Those Habits

Our research has already been pointing to this young generation being better savers than their Millennial predecessors for the last several years.


Every generation has defining moments—what is it for Millennials and Gen Y?

What was the most important generation-defining moment for Millennials? Was it the Internet, mobile phones, or the Apple watch? The answer is much more poignant: September 11, 2001.


The destruction of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 is the “JFK assassination” for U.S. Millennials. It’s their “Where were you when?” moment. Millennials can tell you exactly where they were when they heard the news, saw it on television, or read about it online. The shock, pain, and aftermath of 9/11 changed the generation forever. The unforgettable importance of September 11, 2001 is the reason that The Center for Generational Kinetics believes that the birth years for Millennials end in 1995. While beginning and ending birth years for any generational cohort are more gray than black and white, 1995 is an undeniable stopping point for the Millennial generation... Read More »

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