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#1 New Release on Amazon: Zconomy!

CGK’s New Book About Gen Z is a National Bestseller


Screenshot of Zconomy book on Amazon with #1 New Release banner circled

The Center for Generational Kinetics, led by Dr. Denise Villa, CEO, and Jason Dorsey, President, have been researching and writing a new book about Gen Z for more than two years. This breakthrough new book, Zconomy, speaks to the heart of CGK’s mission to separate generational myth from truth with data and unlock the tremendous potential of this fast-emerging generation. Zconomy is filled with Gen Z research discoveries, firsthand Gen Z stories, and the candid perspective needed in this time of generational change, challenge, and uncertainty. And now, we have exciting news to share: Zconomy is a national bestseller!

For the last two years, Dr. Villa and Dorsey have been leading extensive national and international research on Gen Z, interviewing Gen Z as well as their employers, marketers, and parents, and compiling the best how-to strategies for understanding, engaging, marketing, and leading this exciting generation. The timing has never been more urgent for other generations to accurately understand Gen Z. This new generation is already 24 years old and the fastest-growing generation of employees in the workforce as well as the most important group of consumer trendsetters.

CGK’s best research, including insights from our 65+ generational studies and frontline insights gleaned from working with more than 700 clients around the world, culminated in Zconomy: How Gen Z Will Change the Future of Business—and What To Do About It (HarperCollins, 2020). Also included is CGK’s latest perspective about the impact of COVID-19 on Gen Z, as well as specific trends we plan to continue watching closely.

After two years of work, our team was overjoyed to see Zconomy published by HarperCollins and even more so when it became a #1 New Release on Amazon!

Authors Jason Dorsey and Denise Villa, PhD, holding copies of their book Zconomy and smiling
Authors Jason Dorsey and Denise Villa, PhD, with the first copies of Zconomy!

We want to say a huge thank you to each of you who have been on this journey of generational discovery with us, including our family, friends, clients, and advocates. We’d especially like to thank all the Gen Zers who shared their firsthand stories and perspective with us in creating the book and the specific solutions to unlock their potential as employees, customers, and trendsetters.

What leaders are saying about Zconomy:

Zconomy is a must-read guide from the most authoritative voices on generational studies of our time” -Andrea Brimmer, CMO, Ally Financial

Zconomy is exactly what CEOs, board members, and innovators need to read to strengthen their future with Gen Z.” -Betsy Atkins, member of the boards of directors of Volvo, Wynn Resorts, and Oyo

“Listen to Denise and Jason! Every creator, leader, and parent should read this book.” -Kenan Thompson, longest-tenured cast member of Saturday Night Live

Get Your 3 Free Video Bonuses When You Order Zconomy Today

If you haven’t ordered your copy of Zconomy or downloaded the audiobook, which Dr. Villa and Dorsey co-read and recorded, please do so. We are excited to share our generational discoveries with you and unlock the tremendous potential of Gen Z at this pivotal time in their emergence.

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