Gen Z and Retirement? It turns out Gen Z are…savers. Watch CGK President Jason Dorsey’s Yahoo! Finance interview for very unexpected findings from our study

Majority of Gen Z in the US do not believe that Social Security will be able to financially provide for their retirement needs.

The combination of saving for retirement at an early age, seeking out employee benefits such as retirement matching, and a keen interest in being financially self-reliant are setting Gen Z up for a much more solid financial future later in life.

CGK President Jason Dorsey Speaking to CNBC about the Rapidly Growing Influence of TikTok on Hollywood and Reaching Gen Z Audiences

Meeting Gen Z where they are right now.

As Gen Z comes up, they really are the best predictor of the future. Smart brands are trying to figure out how you connect with them in a sincere way. If you win Gen Z, you can win everyone else.

Crossing the Generational Divide: CGK President Jason Dorsey Has An In-Depth Q&A With MarketFacts

Where can you start to unlock the potential of each generation, from Gen Z to Baby Boomers? 

As leaders, it is our strong belief that now is the time to assess, understand, and unlock each generation's potential within a multi-generational environment. 

Meet the Gen Zer’s Who are Likely Influencing Many of Your Consumer Spending Habits

Gen Z is the first digitally native generation.

As of September 2020, TikTok has grown by 75% and filtered into intergenerational use—signaling Gen Z's influence in leading consumer behavior which has been likened to what Millennials did with Facebook and Instagram. In fact, TikTok was the most visited website in 2021!!! 

Meet the Gen Zer’s Who are Likely Influencing Many of Your Consumer Spending Habits

Gen Z is taking the spotlight from Millennials and exerting its burgeoning influence over lifestyle, work, technology, banking, consumer trends, and much more. Read More »


CGK President Jason Dorsey Shares Our Research on the Lasting Changes Ahead for Generation Z—aka Generation COVID

The effects of the pandemic will shape the rest of Gen Z’s lives. 

It will be important to study how these new social norms, habits, and expectations shape the future of this important, vibrant, rapidly emerging generation.

The Covid-19 Pandemic is Gen Z’s Generation Defining Event. CGK President Jason Dorsey shared this and more on NRK TV in Norway!

Every generation has its defining experience, these are deeply impactful moments that affect a generation and can create a lasting impact on how they view the world and their future.

The social and emotional damage this pandemic has had—and will continue to have—on Gen Z cannot be overstated, and candidly, needs to be talked about much more so that it is a safe and constructive conversation as we all work to help this generation, their families, and communities.

CGK President Jason Dorsey’s First Time Keynoting in Athletic Wear!

"I was thrilled to deliver my first-ever keynote in athletic wear, including a bold red t-shirt!"

It was exciting to see their leaders so fired up about actions they can use right now to lead each generation of their team members. 

TikTok and Gen Z: Now is the Time for Established Companies to Adapt and Connect

S&P Global Feature Story with CGK President Jason Dorsey

CGK President Jason Dorsey shared with S&P Global how important it is for companies to position themselves to win Gen Z consumers now—and how some are already succeeding.

TikTok and Gen Z: Now is the Time for Established Companies to Adapt and Connect

If brands want to be successful with Gen Z, they must innovate to engage, build trust, and create excitement with this incredibly important generation of trendsetting consumers. Read More »

CATEGORIES: Gen Z Media Research Findings

The 7 Key Insights You Need to Know Now to Connect with Gen Z

Jason Dorsey Shares CGK's Latest Gen Z Research In Feature Story for MarketWatch

In his research-driven article, CGK President, generational researcher, and author of Zconomy Jason Dorsey shared what you need to know to understand and connect to Gen Z now.

The 7 Key Insights You Need to Know Now to Connect with Gen Z

From the way they save money and work, to find a job, to how they choose to shop, vote, and march in the physical and digital streets, Gen Z is redefining what it means to participate in shaping in our constantly changing world. Read More »

CATEGORIES: Gen Z Media Research Findings

Zconomy Named a Top 10 Business Book of 2020 in Forbes

CGK Co-Founders' Definitive Book on Gen Z Receives Major Recognition for its Insights and Discoveries

We are thrilled to share that CGK CEO Denise Villa, PhD, and CGK President Jason Dorsey's new book, Zconomy: How Gen Z Will Change the Future of Business, was named a Top 10 Business Book in Forbes!