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CGK President Jason Dorsey’s First Time Keynoting in Athletic Wear!

"I was thrilled to deliver my first-ever keynote in athletic wear, including a bold red t-shirt!"

Jason Dorsey keynoting in athletic wear

CGK President Jason Dorsey recently had the opportunity to switch up his usual speaking attire for athletic wear—which was quite fitting given his passion for health and fitness. Jason shared his experience with the CGK team and we would love to pass it along to you.

Yes!!! After 3,000 presentations around the world—usually in a suit jacket, dress shirt, pocket square, and dark blue jeans—I was thrilled to deliver my first-ever keynote in athletic wear, including a bold red t-shirt! The best part: I got to share how much I love the intersection of fitness, marketing, employment, and generational retail trends. These are all topics I love to talk about, let alone wear! 

My awesome client is one of the world’s largest and premier athletic retailers and one where I’ve been shopping since I was in grade school. In fact, my closing story was talking about shopping at their stores before a new school year and what a big deal that was to me.

What would you share with leaders from across this market-leading organization? What would inspire them and give them actions they could use right away? 

Talking about Gen Z as customers and trendsetters is fitting, of course! And I got to talk about how to understand, empathize, and bridge four generations of team members to create fantastic company and customer experiences. This topic (and the attire) was a phenomenal opportunity I could not pass up. 

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of behavioral trends, performance improvement, and competitive sports. So speaking for a company that has been at the intersection of those elements for decades was exciting; I even visited their stores to bring a first-person customer perspective to my message.

I loved sharing CGK’s latest research discoveries about Gen Z, emerging trends, culture, and entertainment. It was also exciting to see their leaders so fired up about actions they can use right now to lead each generation of their team members. 

I do want to give a big thanks to my studio crew for the great morning of filming. I did a live chat when my speech was streamed and a live video Q&A with the leaders coast-to-coast!

I know some people say they’re tired of virtual events, but I think what people are tired of are boring, predictable virtual events. What people want now is energy, great content, actionable insights, and to be surprised. These elements are all vital parts of the events that I love to deliver. 

I hope you and I get to work on an event together soon—whether it requires a suit jacket and collared shirt or the latest athletic wear—I’m in (just no ties, please).

Thank YOU for being on this journey of research, speaking, and discovery with me and the team at CGK.

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