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NPR’s Marketplace Features CGK’s President Explaining Why Gen Z is Reselling Their Gifts

Gen Z is reselling their holiday gifts. Jason Dorsey explains why.

Gen Z Reselling Gifts

  • CGK Founder and Gen Z expert Jason Dorsey was featured on NPR’s Marketplace, the number-one business radio show in the US
  • Dorsey explained why Gen Z are reselling holiday gifts in record numbers
  • This Gen Z trend matches CGK research on Gen Z’s attitude about finance, saving, and being thrifty

Have you seen or heard about Gen Z reselling their holiday gifts online for fast cash? It’s true and has become a major trend. NPR’s Marketplace interviewed CGK President and Gen Z researcher, Jason Dorsey, to explain the trend on their popular business radio show.

During the show, Dorsey shared a key quote that resonated with listeners. “What we’ve seen is thrifting as a concept has really become normalized,” says Jason. “I think there’s this acceptance now that I’m being smart and not being cheap.”

For context on the trend, a Mercari study found 30% of Gen Z planned to resell unwanted gifts after the holidays. This trend matches CGK research on Gen Z attitudes about finance, saving, practicality, and thrift.

Gen Z are now entering the workforce in large numbers and becoming important trendsetters for brands and markets as well as banks and financial institutions. Gen Z bring with them a unique set of challenges and opportunities that will significantly affect markets in the years to come. Leaders who invest in understanding Gen Z and adapting their organizations will have a big advantage.

Want to learn more about how to solve Gen Z challenges? Check out CGK’s annual State of Gen Z® research study.

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