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Next Coast Ventures Adds Jason Dorsey as a Venture Partner

Acclaimed venture capital firm brings onboard the “Millennial Whisperer”

Jason Dorsey, Co-Founder and President of The Center for Generational Kinetics, has recently joined Next Coast Ventures as their new Venture Partner! Dorsey will focus on helping Next Coast Ventures and its portfolio companies leverage emerging consumer trends, brand building across generation, and scalable customer acquisition.

Nicknamed the “Millennial Whisperer” by BizJournals, Dorsey will provide rare, research-based insight into the generational behaviors that impact Next Coast’s investing and its portfolio companies.

“Jason and his firm’s research have a comprehensive, birds-eye view on big trends in the marketplace and how the world is changing,” said Michael Smerklo, co-founder and managing director of Next Coast Ventures. “Jason’s expertise on the Millennial and Gen Z generations – what we call ‘digital natives’ – will give our firm and our portfolio companies the most cutting-edge tools to understand and quantify the ever-changing nature of consumer behavior – and how to leverage those insights.”

This partnership emphasizes Next Coast Venture’s commitment to bringing in out-of-the-box resources to help its entrepreneurs understand big trends in the marketplace. It’s also an innovative collaboration for a Venture Partner role because Dorsey isn’t a typical partner. He offers a unique perspective, as well as data-backed solutions for entrepreneurs to drive measurable results.

“This is a unique opportunity to work with both great entrepreneurs and Next Coast’s leadership. I believe my experience working with brands in almost every sector, coupled with my firm’s extensive research on generational behavior, will be a great asset to Next Coast Ventures,” said Dorsey. “I am eager to work with their portfolio companies on branding, sales and go-to-market strategies – and I’m also excited to work with the entire NCV team on refining their investment focus and helping evaluate big trends that impact their investment decisions.”

To learn more about Next Coast Ventures, read the announcement on the firm’s webpage by clicking here.

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