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How Gen Z Entrepreneurs Use Social Media to Succeed

For the youngest generation, social media a major vehicle for success

While Millennials are both striving to become their own boss and joining the ranks of upper management in the workplace, Gen Z – the generation after Millennials – are changing the game altogether.

Gen Z are taking full advantage of the internet and social media to start their careers. Using platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter, some creative, hardworking members of this young generation are raking in nearly seven figures.

Gen Z is very entrepreneurial.

According to a recent CNBC article, many Gen Z entrepreneurs are so successful because they’ve been able to think larger than themselves. Take Luka Sabbat, a 20-year old actor and entrepreneur. He not only stars in ABC’s “Grown-ish,” but he also models for international fashion brands and has more than a million Instagram followers.

“Everything I do is to be able to change the next generation’s culture,” Sabbat said to CNBC. “I’m trying to push the envelope.”

Gen Z is focused on saving.

CNBC cited The Center’s recent report showing that Gen Zers are already financially savvy. For instance, over 20% have a savings account!

Gen Z grew up seeing their Millennial predecessors dig themselves deep into debt with credit cards and student loans, so many are reluctant to take out a loan for college. In fact, CGK’s original research found that 23% of Gen Z thinks personal debt should be avoided at all costs.

Gen Z finds profit on social media.

For 21-year old Tiffany Zhong, CEO of marketing firm Zebra Intelligence, building her brand meant skipping college altogether. As a teen, she began using Twitter to build a venture capitalist network. She focused on sharing Gen Z consumer knowledge with investors in efforts to get into the industry. Soon enough, Zhong became a venture capitalist, working with $300 million assets under management. Now, she works with big brand clients, such as includes Postmates and theSkimm.

While not every member of Gen Z will go on to become a multi-millionaire through their Instagram or Twitter, it’s clear that it pays to make a name for yourself through social media and that the traditional ideas of  “work” and “entrepreneurship” have changed forever.

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