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CGK President Jason Dorsey is Quoted in The New York Times

...For talking about the least talked about generation—Gen X!

Team CGK was very excited to see our Co-Founder and President, Jason Dorsey, was quoted in The New York Times! He was thrilled to be in this feature story about Gen X because as a whole. we do not talk about Gen X enough. Jason loved that he was also able to share our mission to reposition generations as helpful “clues and not a box.”

If you’ve heard any of the CGK keynote speakers’ presentations, you know how important our team believes Gen X is within organizations, and communities, as leaders, and as the glue between other generations. In too many conversations about generations, Generation X is overlooked or undervalued. CGK hopes to shift the generational conversation to better include and value Gen X change as they continue to move into senior leadership roles and are the natural bridge between other generations.

In our work with leaders around the world, we also find that Gen X is the #1 generation that they should focus on retaining in their workforce! Why? Because they are often deciding what they are going to do with their current job and career.

CGK was so grateful to have Jason quoted in a story about Generation X and to share our research-based focus on generations. Here was his quote in The New York Times story:

“A lot of experts make it sound like you’re putting people in boxes based on their birth year, but what we want people to understand is that generations are clues, not a box,” said Jason Dorsey, a workplace researcher. “Just because you’re born in a certain year doesn’t mean someone knows everything about you.”

If you are familiar with our work, you know that we view generations not as a rigid box that everyone must fit inside, but rather we view generations as helpful clues for leaders, coworkers, families, and communities to understand and build stronger connections.

We find that explaining “generations as clues and not a box” makes the conversation more constructive and helpful to better understand where people are coming from, empathize with how they view the world, and strategically build the trust, culture, and togetherness that is essential in high-performing organizations.

Are you in Gen X? Do you feel like Gen X is not talked about enough? We know many who can relate! In fact, our CEO and co-founder, Dr. Denise Villa, Ph.D., is in Gen X, so we are inspired by Gen X daily. Thank you for being on this journey of research, speaking, and discovery with the CGK team!

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