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CGK President Jason Dorsey Speaks for OAAA Twice at One Event!

Jason was thrilled to share CGK’s latest research at two different keynote sessions

When you were a kid, was there a career you were really excited about? Or a job that sounded particularly cool to you? For CGK’s President and Co-Founder, Jason Dorsey, that career was in marketing and advertising. He even competed in his school’s DECA Marketing Club and attended their national convention as a teenager. While Jason ultimately chose to become a researcher, best-selling author, and speaker, he still has a fondness for marketing and advertising that he developed back in high school. This is why he was so excited to keynote the 2023 OAAA Out of Home Media Conference, twice!

This conference was attended by executives from all the major marketing firms, advertising agencies, and billboard companies. In Jason’s words, this is “The Super Bowl of out-of-home advertising!” Jason was excited to share with our team at CGK that OAAA featured pioneering technology thinkers on the keynote stage from Meta to Napster, endless innovative brands, and seasoned execs who have “been there, seen that.” Jason was thrilled to share CGK’s latest research and discoveries at two different keynote sessions.

First, he keynoted OAAA’s private CEO summit where he was very candid about the hidden and emerging consumer trends, challenges, and opportunities that CGK’s research team has discovered. The next day Jason keynoted the main stage event following one of his favorite recording artists, Tyler Hubbard. The audience’s response to CGK’s research, discoveries, and strategies really inspired Jason. There was nonstop interaction, laughter, how-to’s, and of course, Jason got off the stage and spoke from the audience during his keynote.

Jason and the entire CGK team have a deep respect for OOH advertisers and marketers because they’re driving engagement across generations and geographies every day. They have to connect billboards, experiences, activations, and signage at a time of intense distraction. Seeing their innovation—and results—makes Jason and the CGK team optimistic about the future of this industry. It was an honor for CGK to have their research represented at such a high-profile event! For our latest research and discoveries, click here to check out our State of Gen Z study.

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