CGK President Jason Dorsey On The Today Show(!) Talking About Gen Z And The Class of 2021 Job Outlook

"This interview was special for me because I was on The Today Show 20 years ago(!), and it helped launch my career."

For those in Gen Z who urgently want to find a job, they may need to consider getting a job or launching their career outside of their industry of choice.

CGK’s Research is in the MARTECH SERIES Focusing On Workers Driving A Digital-First Revolution

Digital tools and technology are no longer optional, they are necessary for businesses to operate and employees of every generation to deliver results.

Millennials and Gen Xers alike are no longer willing to compromise when it comes to technology in the workplace. This could have a significant impact on companies long-term, from recruiting and retention to training, collaboration, and talent development.

CGK President Jason Dorsey’s First Time Featured in GQ! He’s Talking TikTok and Gen Z Fashion. Seriously.

“Style Tribes” took to TikTok and have become one of the app’s big attractions.

The combination of Gen Z’s heavy TikTok usage along with their focus on fashion and style has created TikTok Style Tribes which has given both the app and the generation unexpected and viral influence over style trends. 

CGK President Jason Dorsey Speaking to Leaders Around the World As An Avatar!

The event was incredible. We had people joining from all over the world as their favorite avatar!

Acclaimed Generational Speaker CGK President Jason Dorsey recently spoke to leaders around the world—virtually—as an avatar! Jason shared his experience and learnings with the CGK team, and we’d love to share them with you.

CGK President Jason Dorsey On FOX Business Discussing Gen Z’s Impact on the Economy and How TikTok is Influencing Them

Personal finance is often not taught in today’s school system, so Gen Z is going where they naturally hang out and look for the information they need: TikTok.

Gen Z needs to be diligent in continuing their personal financial education and doing their research before following every piece of advice given by someone on their favorite platform.

CGK President Jason Dorsey On FOX Business Discussing Gen Z’s Impact on the Economy and How TikTok is Influencing Them

Did you know: A recent study found that 41% of Gen Zers have turned to TikTok for financial advice and investment tips. But is this a good idea? And what does it mean for the future of finance and financial education? Read More »

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NBC News Now Interview: Discussing Gen Z’s Major Life Changes Since COVID-19

CGK President Jason Dorsey Shared Our New Insights Into What We Believe The Future May Hold For This Exciting New Generation

Without question, the pandemic is the generation-defining event moment of Gen Z.

NBC News Now Interview: Discussing Gen Z’s Major Life Changes Since COVID-19

While Gen Z shares in the story that they clearly feel overwhelmed by all of the changes and lost opportunities that the pandemic has brought to them, the future is still bright for this inspiring generation that has navigated an incredibly difficult time. Read More »

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COVID-19 Will Define Gen Z and the Next Generation

Business Insider Interviews CGK President Jason Dorsey About the Post-Pandemic Generation

At The Center for Generational Kinetics, we are closely researching the impact of COVID-19 on Gen Z. We’re especially focused on how the pandemic will change the attitudes, behaviors, and expectations of this generation at their critical time in their emergence.

Gen Z and COVID-19: A Generational Defining Moment

An Update from CGK's CEO Denise Villa, Ph.D., and President Jason Dorsey

At CGK, we study the Generation Defining Moments that shape each generation, including Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers.

Gen Z and COVID-19: A Generational Defining Moment

Based on our research, we believe the COVID-19 pandemic is the Generation Defining Moment that has shaped Gen Z at this critical time in their transition into adulthood. Read More »

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Gen X parents are raising Gen Z kids very differently than Baby Boomers raised Millennials

Bloomberg News recently wrote a feature story on Gen Z, and The Center for Generational Kinetics played a key role!

Gen Z represents the greatest generational business opportunity of the last fifteen years.

4 Strategies for Recruiting Gen Z Employees

We spoke with Fortune about what our research shows works with this fast-emerging generation

Understanding Gen Z as employees is incredibly urgent for leaders and managers as Gen Z is soon to be the fastest-growing generation in the workforce.