As Housing Prices Soar, More Millennials are Looking to Mobile Homes to Check ‘Home Buyer’ Off Their List

Buying a home is definitely not as easy as it once was.

Millennial first-time homebuyers are considering something they may not have before: buying a mobile home. 

CGK President Jason Dorsey Shares Our Research on the Lasting Changes Ahead for Generation Z—aka Generation COVID

The effects of the pandemic will shape the rest of Gen Z’s lives. 

It will be important to study how these new social norms, habits, and expectations shape the future of this important, vibrant, rapidly emerging generation.

CGK President Jason Dorsey Talking to CNBC About Gen Z’s Desire for Sustainability and the Rise of Greenwashing

Gen Z’s desire for sustainable products and businesses is robust and growing.

As companies recalibrate and adapt to fit Gen Z’s quest for sustainability and improving the planet, a new and overlooked but important reality has emerged: greenwashing. 

In BBC News Explaining Millennials’ Unexpected Real-World Journey

Many Millennials feel like they have not reached the ambitious goals they set earlier in life. 

Millennials have frequently come of age being criticized as lazy or entitled, which only adds weight and frustration to missed goals. However, we all know that generations don’t grow up in a vacuum. There are many factors at play that shape them.

CGK President Jason Dorsey Speaking Alongside a 4-Star General about Gen Z!

"I was honored to share the stage—both in-person and virtually—with General Paul E. Funk II, the head of TRADOC for the US Army."

"The in-person presentation was especially inspiring for me because we delivered the program on-site at The Center for Generational Kinetics headquarters in Austin, Texas!"

Sharing New Insights with Financial Advisors Across the US In-Person

Great advisors don’t take a family’s or company’s business for granted.

Our work shows that there is zero generational advantage to attracting and keeping Millennials (and Gen Z) as clients simply because an advisor is in their generation. Whichever advisor best adapts to connect with these generations will earn their trust, business, and loyalty.

Talking to Fast Company About Whether or Not The Oldest Millennials Are Now Middle-Aged

A good number of older Millennials are not willing to give in to the idea of being middle-aged. Learn why in the blog post and Fast Company story!

It turns out that the majority of older Millennials feel that middle age has arrived or is just around the corner. They often say that turning the “big 4-0” is the determining factor.

TikTok and Gen Z: Now is the Time for Established Companies to Adapt and Connect

S&P Global Feature Story with CGK President Jason Dorsey

CGK President Jason Dorsey shared with S&P Global how important it is for companies to position themselves to win Gen Z consumers now—and how some are already succeeding.

TikTok and Gen Z: Now is the Time for Established Companies to Adapt and Connect

If brands want to be successful with Gen Z, they must innovate to engage, build trust, and create excitement with this incredibly important generation of trendsetting consumers. Read More »

CATEGORIES: Gen Z Media Research Findings

The 7 Key Insights You Need to Know Now to Connect with Gen Z

Jason Dorsey Shares CGK's Latest Gen Z Research In Feature Story for MarketWatch

In his research-driven article, CGK President, generational researcher, and author of Zconomy Jason Dorsey shared what you need to know to understand and connect to Gen Z now.

The 7 Key Insights You Need to Know Now to Connect with Gen Z

From the way they save money and work, to find a job, to how they choose to shop, vote, and march in the physical and digital streets, Gen Z is redefining what it means to participate in shaping in our constantly changing world. Read More »

CATEGORIES: Gen Z Media Research Findings

Exciting New CGK Research Studies – Now Available Online

Access our latest generational research discoveries from studies led during the COVID-19 pandemic

At CGK, we are continually leading original research to separate myth from truth when it comes to generations, from Baby Boomers to Generation Z.