TikTok and Gen Z: Now is the Time for Established Companies to Adapt and Connect

S&P Global Feature Story with CGK President Jason Dorsey

CGK President Jason Dorsey shared with S&P Global how important it is for companies to position themselves to win Gen Z consumers now—and how some are already succeeding.

TikTok and Gen Z: Now is the Time for Established Companies to Adapt and Connect

If brands want to be successful with Gen Z, they must innovate to engage, build trust, and create excitement with this incredibly important generation of trendsetting consumers. Read More »

CATEGORIES: Gen Z Media Research Findings

The 7 Key Insights You Need to Know Now to Connect with Gen Z

Jason Dorsey Shares CGK's Latest Gen Z Research In Feature Story for MarketWatch

In his research-driven article, CGK President, generational researcher, and author of Zconomy Jason Dorsey shared what you need to know to understand and connect to Gen Z now.

The 7 Key Insights You Need to Know Now to Connect with Gen Z

From the way they save money and work, to find a job, to how they choose to shop, vote, and march in the physical and digital streets, Gen Z is redefining what it means to participate in shaping in our constantly changing world. Read More »

CATEGORIES: Gen Z Media Research Findings

Exciting New CGK Research Studies – Now Available Online

Access our latest generational research discoveries from studies led during the COVID-19 pandemic

At CGK, we are continually leading original research to separate myth from truth when it comes to generations, from Baby Boomers to Generation Z.

Make your Next Virtual Meeting, Conference, or Online Event a Resounding Success!

CGK President Jason Dorsey Has Delivered Virtual Presentations to More Than 100,000 Leaders in over 100 Countries

As President of CGK, Jason combines our extensive generational research, unique insights, and practical solutions with his trademark interactive presentation style.

Dr. Denise Villa Joins Zedd for Columbia Sportswear’s SH/FT Footwear Launch in NYC

Gen Z expert and CGK CEO shares insights at the launch of a new shoe line ideal for Gen Z

Young people are increasingly moving to urban areas, and this urbanization is influencing what they purchase, from food to footwear.

Investing is a Very Personal Matter for Millennials

We spoke to MarketWatch about the research findings from a national study we led on Millennials and investing with Broadridge Financial Solutions

The Baby Boomer generation was taught—and subsequently taught many of their Gen X kids—that discussing finances was taboo. Like so many social customs of their predecessor generations, Millennials have upended that mindset.

What are Generation Z’s Social Media Preferences?

Here is what we uncovered as part of our ongoing national quantitative Gen Z research

For Generation Z, social media has always been a part of their lives. In fact, they don’t view it as media at all.

5 Quick Ways to Effectively Recruit Gen Z Employees

Our top tips for hiring the generation after Millennials

Recruiting Gen Z employees into the workplace is a totally different game than it was for Millennials.

2018 – 8 of our favorite highlights you made possible

Our team voted on our Top 8 Moments from 2018

To share with you the journey your support has helped us make possible, our team voted on our Top 8 Moments from 2018.

How to Engage with Gen Z on Social Media

For brands looking to engage with Gen Z, Instagram and Snapchat are key

Our State of Gen Z™ 2018 Report shows that the youngest generation’s preferences for interacting across platforms varies dramatically.