Fast Fashion Edges Out “Old World Luxury” for Youngest Generation

Jason Dorsey shares shocking generational insights about retail strategy with Business Insider

Gen Z values status in retail, but in a vastly different way than their predecessors.

Here’s What Millennials Actually Want From Banks

The surprising findings from a landmark study on paycards prove that banks need to be doing more to win over Millennial customers.

Traditional banking, checking accounts, and credit cards are outdated…at least if you ask a Millennial.

3 Ways to Instantly Increase Your LinkedIn Influence

How a personalized approach can instantly improve your reach on this key social network

You’ve probably realized that your online reputation—what people find when they search your name—directly influences your real-world reputation. People are now conditioned to go online and check you out in order to inform their opinion of you—even before they meet you!

Here’s Why Don’t Millennials Have Time to Grocery Shop

A new study shows that traditional grocery stores might be losing traction with Millennials

For many, grocery shopping is nothing more than a weekly (or bi-weekly, if you run out of milk too soon) chore. It takes some budgeting and pre-planning, but usually people get into a semi-regular routine when it comes to going up and down the aisles. But for Millennials, traditional grocery shopping can seem outdated and like a waste of time in the face of new technology.

Gen Z’s Social Media Doesn’t Leave a “Paper Trail”

Jason Dorsey explains why Gen Z is flocking to certain social media outlets, and fleeing others.

It’s no surprise that Generation Z, America’s youngest generation, already has certain opinions and habits when it comes to social media.

Have YOU Ever Been “Vacation Shamed”?

In a recent CNBC article, Jason Dorsey explains why, for Millennials, using your vacation time is something to be ashamed of.

Ah, paid vacation time. That job benefit that many recent college graduates dream about, along with health insurance, a break room well stocked with snacks, to have their birthday off, and the ever-coveted “work from home” days.

Jason Dorsey Discusses Gen Z on Good Day Austin!

Dorsey shares research findings and insights on the surprising new generation after Millennials.

Jason Dorsey talked with Good Day Austin about the fascinating opinions and perspectives of Gen Z.

Gen Z Believes in the American Dream

Despite their pragmatic and sober view of the economy, government, and society as a whole, the country’s youngest generation isn’t ready to throw in the towel on the “American Dream” just yet.

Gen Z, also known as iGen or Centennials, is nothing if not thoughtful and critical. According to our recent study on iGen’s Political & Civic Outlook, they’ve taken a pretty hard look and have a seemingly dismal view about many aspects of our society and political culture. Distrust in elected officials, dissatisfaction with the way our country is run and the direction of our economy, and deep problems like gender and racial inequality, access to healthcare, and illegal immigration don’t paint a pretty picture for this generation, nor does it give us any indication on how they will react.

Jason Dorsey Featured in Courier Magazine!

Following his keynote speech at the Travel Exchange ’16 opening ceremony, Dorsey provided key generational insights to Courier Magazine

"We're seeing breakdowns in the workplace," said Jason Dorsey, Chief Strategy Officer and Millennials Expert at The Center for Generational Kinetics, in an interview with Courier Magazine's Bob Rouse.

Here’s What Gen Z Thinks About the Future of Affordable Healthcare

The youngest generation may not have to provide healthcare for themselves just yet, but they already have differing opinions regarding the newest legislation.

Healthcare has been a hot topic for decades now, but never more in the limelight than with the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010.

Here’s What Gen Z Thinks About the Future of Affordable Healthcare

While iGen was mostly too young to catch the nuances of the debate surrounding this legislation during its passage, its members have since undoubtedly experienced its effects either firsthand or by observing family members. We asked iGen a series of questions about healthcare accessibility to assess their take on the state of healthcare as it pertains to them personally. Read More »

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