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Gen Z Goes to YouTube for Product Reviews

YouTube is the #1 Place Gen Z Goes for Product Reviews

Gen Z is far more comfortable buying products online than any previous generation. Growing up with no sense of what life was like before smartphones let alone the Internet, Gen Z are developing nuanced shopping behavior that divides them from previous generations—even Millennials.

These new consumers have developed a keen sense of being informed and entertained. Blind bags, monthly subscription boxes, and random products are all aimed towards Gen Z. Yet, they are not the uninformed shoppers that one would assume of someone who purchases a product they have never seen person or is willing to take a chance ordering something they don’t know the exact contents of.

Companies like Influenster tie together products and those who want to talk about them.  Whatever the product, the company finds an outlet and offers free samples to social media influencers so anyone can get a better grasp of items being offered.  One of the most vital venues for this is YouTube, and one of the best target audiences is Gen Z.

Today’s teens—who are all members of Gen Z—are avid consumers of social media. Once could even argue they are dependent on social media as part of their daily lives. This isn’t a simple case of watching an online video they looked up and then making a choice, but consuming video after video to find the information they need. Teens admit that they will watch between 6 and 15 videos at a time, with many watching 20 or more!

With 77% of Gen Z driven to YouTube for the sole purpose of watching product reviews, it’s vital to get your product into the hands of people who want to talk about it online—and on a YouTube video!

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