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Millennials and Moving: Here’s How One Company Figured it Out

Inspired by Jason Dorsey's presentation, one New York-based moving company changed their business model to be more Millennial-friendly.

While it may be true that a huge percentage of Millennials are living with their parents, another part of the generation is making moves. In fact, as older Millennials are starting families and looking to buy homes, they are increasingly moving out of cities and into the suburbs. So who’s going to help them move all of their stuff?


One New York moving company has taken up the challenge. After hearing a presentation by Jason Dorsey, Molloy Bros. decided to re-vamp their model in order to appeal to Millennials on the move.

They’ve created a way to provide movers with a “digital estimate.” This means that customers can connect with Molloy Bros. movers via a live feed to give them a visual of how much stuff needs to be moved. This not only speeds up the estimate process, but it also saves the movers a ton of time.

And while this new video feature is working well with Millennials, they are far from the only ones who value this technology. Stephen Seligson, Molloy Bros.’ director of marketing told Newsday that while Millennials provided the inspiration, their parents are responding favorably as well.

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