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Millennials Live with Parents More than Romantic Partners

New research shows that more Millennials are living with their parents than with a significant other.

It’s no secret that young adults are living at home at a high rate, but according to a new study, there are actually more young adults living with their parents now than with a romantic partner!

Millennials Living With Parents Not Romantic Partners

A combination of a steep drop in the number of Millennials who are choosing to settle down before age 35, the declining employment among young men in recent decades, and the lingering effects of the recession all contribute to this tide change.

This isn’t true for all Millennials, however. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal, looking at Pew Research data, points out that younger Millennials were much more likely (nearly 50%) to live in parents’ homes than older Millennials (about 25%).

Read all of the surprising stats here!

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