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Don’t Ask the Millennial in Your Office to Fix the Printer Jam

Jason Dorsey reveals the truth about Millennials and technology in the workplace.

Think your newest Millennial hire is going to be the one to help you out with your technology woes around the office? Think again. Even though Millennials have been heralded the “digital native” generation and are rumored to be technologically proficient, new findings show that Millennials may not be as savvy as they seem.


“What we discovered a few years ago is that Millennials aren’t actually tech-savvy, but what they are is tech-dependent,” said Jason Dorsey in a recent NBC News story. “They don’t know how technology works, they just know they can’t live without it.”

But fear not, Baby Boomers! There is a generation coming to the workplace that will be able to help you with your email settings AND explain how it all works. In addition to being technologically savvy, Gen Z, the generation after Millennials, are hard-working and might actually overstep Millennials in the workplace.

Read the entire NBC News article here!

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