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Do Millennials Prefer Mobile Apps or Websites?

Pros and cons of websites versus mobile apps for Millennial customers

One of our certified generational keynote speakers was asked a great question at an event: “Do I need a mobile app for my Millennial customers?”

Millennials are tech-dependent and can’t go very long at all before reaching for their smartphones, but are they using your mobile app or your website?

When to Use a Mobile App to Engage Millennials

Before you rush to build a mobile for Millennials, you need to examine your industry and the use case. Millennials want mobile apps that add value to the experience and make a process easier. For example, in the mortgage industry, there is a big push for mobile apps because they are useful at every touchpoint of the experience.

Additionally, mobile apps are successful when there is a continuous need for them and it’s convenient to use, like a restaurant reservation app. Millennials will repeatedly use the app because it already has all of their information saved.

If you can devise a strategy that both fits within your industry and encourages repeated use, then you’ll have a better chance at success with Millennials.

The Benefits of Reaching Millennials Through Your Website

However, the reality is that most mobile apps are orphaned. They are downloaded once and then never used again. You don’t want to spend the time and money investing in the development of a mobile app if you don’t need one to engage your Millennial customers.

Many businesses will find success by simply having a website. But the key is to make your website mobile responsive. In fact, you should design your entire website for the mobile experience.

Not only will you improve your SEO rankings, but you’ll provide a better user experience since Millennials are using their smartphones for searching and going online. Plus, if you’ve already branded your business with .com, it makes it very easy for Millennials to find your website.

If it makes more sense for you to reach your Millennial customers through your website, just make sure you have a mobile-first website design. From there, you can evaluate if creating an app would enhance the experience.

Want Data to Back Up Your Website or Mobile App Strategy?

We can help. We lead national and international Millennial research studies for our clients every day that help solve challenges.

Let us know what generational challenge you need solved. Send us an email or give us a call and we’ll be happy to provide a little information for you to review.

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