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Real Estate Tide Turning for Millennials

What's causing Millennials to start buying houses now?

When it comes to living spaces, Millennials have been the perma-rent generation…until now. It seems as if the recovering economy and the fact that a large part of this generation is entering a new life stage is making way for a huge tide of Millennial homeowners.

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And while it’s true that Millennials are still facing mounds of student debt, lower wages, and soaring housing prices, it seems as if all it takes is a little bit of time.

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According to a recent article on Yahoo Finance, Jason Dorsey, Millennials and Gen Z expert, says that Millennials are going to buy homes. “They’re just going to do it at a later age,” he says, adding that it’s often when they get married and have two incomes to put toward a down payment and monthly mortgage bills. “Millennials will buy houses when they can afford them.”

What age were you when you bought your first home? Join the conversation on Twitter with @WhatTheGen or@JasonDorsey. And don’t forget to add your #generation!

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