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We raised $20,000 in scholarships for Gen Z!

Scholarship funds will go directly to students and their education provider

I’m passionate about education and helping young people enter the workforce with the skills they need to be successful. This is why I’m incredibly excited to announce that in partnership with Distributor Contractor Association we raised $20,000 in scholarship money to help students complete their education!


This money will go directly to the students and their education provider. The money was raised by me donating consulting to two fabulous companies who made the donation: Michels Corporation and Alvah Contractors. A HUGE thanks to them and DCA for enabling us to help so many members of Gen Z!

What makes this extra special for me personally, is that I raised 4x more in scholarship money than I actually earned when I was in college! What an exciting journey to be on with you.

So who exactly is Gen Z? I’m so glad you asked!

Gen Z is the generation after Millennials. Members of Gen Z are currently ages 14-21. Even though they’re just now emerging as young adults, they are already the most influential group of technology trendsetters. They’re also entering the workplace and commanding big bucks in the marketplace, which is why our team at The Center for Generational Kinetics is currently leading groundbreaking national research on Gen Z. Stay tuned for surprising stats and interesting findings here:

About DCA – The Distribution Contractors Association is a member-centered association that organizes a variety of committees and activities that ultimately benefit the entire industry. DCA is the hub for the distribution contractors industry, which provides specific distribution construction services including fiber optic, cable and duct installation, and the installation, replacement and rehabilitation of gas pipelines. Click here to learn more about DCA. Alvah Contractors is an active member and supporter of the Distribution Contractors Association.

About Michels – Michels Corporation is an industry-leading utility contractor that provides a safe, comprehensive approach and a wide range of resources to help with projects from pipeline construction and fiber optic networks to tunneling, crushing, and road building. Click here to learn more about Michels.

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