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Not their Parents’ Prom

Gen Z Prom-Goers Are Most Traditional Teens in Years, Survey Finds

A right-of-passage for many American teens, the prom has seen trends change over the last several years. Shaping up to be the “throwback generation,” Gen Z prom-goers are taking fashion tips and tricks from their Generation X moms and even their Baby Boomer grandmothers, rather than their Millennial sisters.

Jason Dorsey, co-founder of The Center for Generational Kinetics recently told Yahoo Style that Gen Z is “really pushing back from what Millennials were about, and definitely want to see themselves differently.” Dorsey also notes that the trend of Gen Z following in the footsteps of Baby Boomers isn’t altogether surprising, and credits their Gen X parents as “driving a lot of these behaviors.”

When it comes to prom attire, Gen Z girls are making more modest and conservative choices than their Millennial predecessors:

  • High Necklines – 27% are opting for higher necklines, as opposed to the strapless or plunging neckline common amongst Millennials
  • Princess Dress – More young women are choosing to look like a princess on their prom night. Full skirts and crinoline are making a comeback with the princess dress
  • Full-length Gowns – It may require a bit of work to dance, but the traditional and timeless full-length gown is more popular this year than its shorter counterparts

From traditional and timeless to trendy and unique, it will be interesting to see how prom attire changes with generations to come. For now, however, the young ladies of Gen Z are choosing to make the old new again – and are doing it beautifully. And if our latest study on Gen Z is any indication, this generation is also more frugal with their money than others. Now that is a real throwback on style and saving!

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