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Move Over, Emojis

How To Reach Gen Z Through Brand Stickers

Gone are the days of communicating through trendy emojis and outdated text speak. In the movement from Baby Boomers to Millennials to their successors–Generation Z–emojis have gradually fallen out of style. While Gen Z remains as invested in social media as Millennials, their focus has shifted from broad-scale internet broadcasting (think: Facebook) to more private, direct-messaging formats such as Snapchat. Due to this shift in interests and social media preferences, emojis are a no-go for Gen Z—sticker packs are the latest trend.

Sticker packs beat out emojis for a number of reasons
First, they cater to Gen Z’s preference for direct messaging, as most sticker packs are made for personal messaging apps and websites.  Second, stickers, by nature, require sharing—anytime someone uses a sticker in a photo, message, or post, anyone who sees the post will see the sticker. If the sticker is labeled, everyone sees the brand; if not, and they like the stickers, they have to download the pack directly from the brand. It’s a quick, easy, and trendy way to increase brand awareness and loyalty.

The best way to make sure Gen Z use branded stickers is to fill them with the latest in slang and trends. Even outdated phrases like “far out” and “groovy” have a certain ironic appeal to this audience, and newer terms like “on fleek” and “squad goals” could be sources for more on-trend stickers.

Gen Z likes irony and self-awareness, most prefer “deep” music and compelling literature, and while young, many see through shallow attempts to connect.  Tongue-in-cheek humor in addition to the phrases they all know and love is a great way to introduce the brand to Gen Z.

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