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Millennials Trade Perks for Purpose

Millennials prefer engaging and purpose-driven work to in-office extras

Millennials are now the largest generation in the US workforce, and they’re not shy about asking for what they want. And while it’s clear they like to customize their workspaces and that they aren’t penny-pinching when it comes to their Starbucks lattes, Millennials would prefer purpose-driven work to surface-level perks.

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A recent FastCompany article citing The Center for Generational Kinetics emphasized that, while Millennials certainly bring some challenges and changes to the modern workplace, they are not unique in seeking out work that inspires, rather than just “satisfies.”

In fact, according to leadership consultant and clinical psychologist Dr. Constance Dierickx, “What we’re seeing now may be a natural sort of pendulum-swing from, ‘Everybody wants to become an investment banker’ to ‘I want to do good in the world’.” She adds, “‘Purpose’ has become a euphemism for [the latter], but your purpose can be anything.”

Basically, Millennials, much like employees of all generations, want to feel appreciated and challenged at work, and simply providing “ping-pong tables and espresso machines” won’t do much if they’re already disengaged at work, according to The Society for Human Resource Management.

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