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How “Millennial Pink” Can Help Market Your Business

The color that’s driving Millennial purchase power

Can a color speak for a generation? In the case of millennial pink, maybe it can. New York Magazine recently proclaimed that millennial pink, a color trend that started in the summer of 2016, is here to stay.


What is Millennial Pink?

It’s a little easier to say what millennial pink isn’t rather than what it is. It isn’t the bright, neon pink of the 1980s, or the baby pink of the 1950s. Millennial pink is a shade all its own–it’s a cooler pink with tones of peach and salmon with all the blue notes taken out. It’s also called Tumblr pink and Scandi pink. It’s similar to Pale Dogwood or Rose Quartz, the 2016 Pantone Color of the Year.




How Can Millennial Pink Help Your Business?

Millennials are people born between 1977 and 1995. This highly coveted demographic has an estimated $200 billion in buying power, so it’s no wonder businesses are courting them any way they can. Unconditional methods, such as adding their favorite color to your marketing campaigns, can prove effective.

Millennials are buying up pink merchandise everywhere–from fashion to packaging. If you want to get in on the trend, here are some ways you can add pink to your marketing plan:

  • Change the color of your website to millennial pink
  • Feature millennial pink on your social media profile
  • Make your packaging millennial pink or add accents of it
  • If you interact with millennials in person, wear millennial pink




What Does Pink Say About Your Brand? 

Research shows that color affects how your brand is perceived. Shades of pink are seen as cheerful, confident, youthful, and exciting. These emotional reactions may be one reason millennials are reaching for more and more pink products.

Older consumers will associate pink with femininity. Not so for millennials. Increasingly, this generation is viewing pink as gender-neutral. Today, many products and fashions for men are pink. A man wearing a pink tie may be more likely to connect with a millennial customer. Likewise, a millennial-pink infused marketing campaign can give your brand a hip style.

Do you see yourself embracing #millennial pink? Join the conversation on Twitter at @JasonDorsey or @WhatTheGen and don’t forget to add your #generation!


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