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Marketing to Gen Z means focusing on mobile experiences and corporate social responsibility

CGK’s Gen Z expert Jason Dorsey was featured in a recent Washington Post article about Gen Z and air travel.


Jason offered specific insights about marketing to Gen Z as this newest generation comes of age and changes the marketplace as consumers and trend-setters.

It seems like everyone in the marketing world is asking the same question right now: How do I market effectively to Gen Z? As CGK has shown through our pioneering research, Gen Z exhibit very different behaviors and attitudes as consumers than their Millennial predecessors—and that translates into changing your marketing strategy in some key ways.

A recent campaign by United Airlines seeks to attract Gen Z. United pivoted to offer Gen Z mobile-exclusive discounts on air travel and carbon offsets to reduce the environmental footprint of these climate-conscious consumers. According to CGK’s Jason Dorsey, this is a great move for United.

Gen Z feel strongly about climate consciousness

“At a high level, what our research shows is that Gen Z more than any other generation right now are very concerned about the impact on the environment of the decisions that they make,” says Jason.

Over 70% of Gen Z believes climate change is a problem. After a brand convinces Gen Z consumers that it is socially responsible, 84% of Gen Z are more likely to purchase from that brandcan generate substantial initial trial, which is absolutely critical at Gen Z’s current age. This also creates the opportunity to earn long-term loyalty and goodwill from Gen Z by establishing a brand as environmentally conscious.

According to Jason, United’s promotion works because it ties budget-friendly travel—one of Gen Z’s biggest interests—directly to an effort to reduce environmental impact. With this Gen Z alignment in mind, now it is time to look at the right channel for reaching this generation.

Gen Z rely on mobile devices more than any other generation — by far

Mobile technology is the gateway to Gen Z. CGK research shows over half of Gen Z spends five hours or more per day using their mobile phones. 29% report using their phones after midnight every night, and 31% feel uncomfortable if they’re away from their phones for thirty minutes or longer.

“It’s really difficult to market to Gen Z without a mobile focus,” says Jason. “Mobile phones play such a huge role in how Gen Z interacts with each other, brands, and employers. If you want to connect with and empower this generation, it’s one of the best tools in your kit!”

United Airlines’ new marketing strategy focuses on winning Gen Z as consumers. We at CGK look forward to learning the results of this campaign and seeing how other airlines respond. The performance of major generational marketing campaigns can yield fantastic insights into the attitudes and behaviors that drive Gen Z as consumers.

At CGK, we are passionate about helping brands adapt to Gen Z. Click here to schedule a call to see how we can help you through custom Gen Z market research or Gen Z brand consulting.

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