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Jason’s Book Featured in Huffington Post Article!

Here's why Millennials put passion first at work.

It’s no secret that Millennials have different workplace preferences than other generations. But their preferences go beyond their workplace snacks and how strong they like their coffee in the morning. Millennials, more than previous generations, are actively seeking work that they are passionate about.

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Quoting Jason Dorsey’s insightful book, Y-Size Your Business, the Huffington Post says that Millennials “are uniquely talented” and that they “can bring immediate value to just about any employer.”

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While it might seem strange to Millennials’ Baby Boomer parents that their children won’t even apply to work at jobs that would be otherwise lucrative and provide benefits, it makes perfect sense to their children who put work-life balance at the top of their priority list when job-hunting.

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Will this limit Millennials’ options for jobs in the future? Will they ultimately change their priorities once they start growing their families? It remains to be seen, but it does feel hopeful that Millennials — some already well into their late thirties — still place priority on passion, purpose, and making a difference in the workplace.

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