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About Jason Dorsey: #1 Millennials, Gen Z, and Generations Keynote Speaker and Researcher

  • - Over 1,000 standing ovations as a keynote speaker
  • - Led more than 60 generational research studies
  • - More than 300 media appearances
  • - Bestselling author at age 18
  • - He's funny, too.

Jason Dorsey is the #1 speaker on generations in the world. He has received more than 1,000 standing ovations from audiences of 16 to 16,000. Jason’s talent is sharing brand-new insights, unforgettable stories, and specific actions that drive results for leaders.

Each of Jason’s generational keynotes is customized to your event, audience, data, geography, and key outcomes. Jason's ability to customize his message to your exact goals is why he has received standing ovations from Amsterdam and Mexico City to Lyon and Singapore. Jason's customized presentations are delivered in his trademark speaking style and range from 30 minutes to a full-day interactive program.

Adweek calls Jason a “research guru.”

A passionate generational researcher, Jason Dorsey is President of The Center for Generational Kinetics (CGK). He works closely with CGK’s Ph.D-led research team to solve tough generational challenges for clients around the world. Some of the challenges he's solved include repositioning a global brand to win each generation, launching a new CPG product in a legacy market, and recruiting, developing, and retaining Gen Z and Millennials in a multigenerational workforce.

Jason has led more than 60 research studies on four continents in multiple languages. His specialty is uncovering hidden behavioral drivers that lead to measurable outcomes for clients. Check out a few of his key discoveries here.

Over 200 TV Interviews

Jason has been featured as a generational expert on more than 200 TV shows including 60 Minutes, The Today Show, and The Early Show. He’s also been the feature in a New York Times cover story as well as featured in USA TODAY, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine and over 100 more media outlets.

A bestselling author at age 18, Jason’s forthcoming book is Zconomy: How Gen Z Will Change the Future of Business—and What To Do About It. This new book is co-authored with Dr. Denise Villa and will be released by HarperCollins in July 2020!

Board Member, Advisor, and Entrepreneur

In addition to his leadership at CGK, Jason has served on both public and private company boards. He advises CEOs, private equity, venture capital, and corporate strategy for companies in industries ranging from technology and retail to restaurants, healthcare, banking, and financial services.

Jason won the Austin Under 40 Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Education at age 25—one of the youngest winners ever.

To learn more about Jason Dorsey, visit JasonDorsey.com.

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