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Generation Z Wants a Job

Jason Dorsey, the Gen Z Expert, talks Gen Z employment opportunities

Generation Z wants a job. This new generation, currently up to age 21, wants jobs that do more than pay the rent. They want jobs that are emotionally fulfilling and intellectually stimulating.


Jason Dorsey, a Millennial and Gen Z expert, is the co-founder of the Center for Generational Kinetics — the leading generational research firm in the world. Dorsey pointed out that Millennials and Gen Z are quite different. Employers should not expect them to be the same, and employers should definitely not expect them to have the same attitudes as Baby Boomers or Gen X.

“Their attitude is ‘I’ll take whatever job you have, just give me a chance,’” said Dorsey.

Dorsey explained to the Boston Globe that Gen Z wants to avoid the mistakes that Millennials made. “They looked at Millennials and said, ‘You went to expensive schools and you graduated with all this debt, and your expectations were so high that it didn’t work out and now you’ve moved back home.”

While Gen Z wants jobs that are fulfilling, they also crave job stability and don’t plan to change jobs as much as their predecessors have. Because they grew up in a recession, and because fewer businesses are willing to hire teenagers, most of Gen Z has little actual work experience.

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