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6 Things Employers Need to Know About Gen Z

Here’s what you need to know before hiring your new Gen Z employees

Whether they’re working full time or as a contracted freelancer, we all know that Millennials have different and sometimes tricky work habits and preferences. But Millennials aren’t the only generation to pay attention to in the workplace. Generation Z, the generation after Millennials, is coming into the workforce en masse as its oldest members are about to graduate college.


Here are some basics you need to know about Gen Z in the workplace before you hire them:


  1. They prefer face-to-face conversations. A recent survey conducted by Future Workplace and Randstad revealed that 39% of Gen Z prefers in-person communication to digital alternatives, such as email, social networking, and video conferencing.
  2. They want to work in your office, as opposed to working from home or at a co-working space.
  3. They admit they’re distracted by social media. According to a recent Time article, Gen Z is somewhat more likely than their Millennial co-workers to blame social media for distracting them during the workday. The main culprits? Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit.
  4. They want to be mentored. Though the percentage has slightly fallen in the past few years, nearly half (49%) of Gen Z still say they want to be mentored by their bosses.
  5. They value traditional benefits. Though in-office perks like free snacks and a Ping-Pong table might seem attractive to younger workers, Gen Z still seeks out work that will provide traditional benefits, such as healthcare and a competitive salary. In fact, according to, Gen Z is more willing to relocate or work nights and weekends to secure a job with a competitive salary than previous generations!
  6. They’re self-motivated. The CNBC article found that 76% of Gen Z sees themselves as in control of shaping their own career paths, and nearly half of Gen Z respondents said they want to have their own businesses, compared to 32 percent across all working generations.


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