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How Gender Inclusion is Now a Topic in Schools Amongst Students and Teachers

Gender equality, diversity, and inclusion are huge topics for Generation Z, and one place where it is showing up is in schools. While the topics themselves may be hot political potatoes, talking about them in schools is increasingly common due to generational change, new societal norms, 24/7 clickbait news, and a desire to help students be respectful of different points of view even if they disagree.

Jason Dorsey, President and co-founder at The Center for Generational Kinetics, says schools are addressing these topics. People from all generations currently have a hand in education, but especially Millennials who are now a large percentage of the teaching workforce.

“You have five generations interacting on a daily basis around not just traditional conversations and core academic subjects, but also around these values-based conversations,” Dorsey says. “This forces a melting pot of values that also has an academic charge and academic mandate.”

Diversity is a key point in these conversations. Topics like gender norms and inclusion are now part of the mainstream conversation for Gen Z and Millennials, and more and more people are willing to talk about topics that were once considered off-limits.

“In our research, we don’t see this conversation going away. Trends are starting with the youngest and rippling to the oldest,” says Dorsey, who sees these changes going all the way from the frontlines of education to corporate boards which are now placing a priority to include more and different types diversity.

One thing is for sure: Gen Z will come of age with more conversation, awareness, and exposure to new and different views of diversity and inclusion that will shape the generation and generations to come.

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