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Gen Z Experiences Prom through a Smartphone Lens

Gen Z won’t pull away from their smartphones—even during prom!

It’s no secret that Gen Z are digital natives, and now most are connected to their smartphones—even at their own prom!

According to a recent KVUE article, smartphones are instrumental in organizing and documenting prom night for Gen Z. While teenagers of generations past relied on their parents for transportation, pictures, and other logistics, Gen Z uses their smartphones to streamline and coordinate their magical night.

How Smartphones Have Changed the Gen Z Prom Experience

Gen Z now has the technology to request an Uber at the click of a button instead of making complicated limousine plans. They easily Venmo money back and forth to pay for dinner instead of dealing with cash. And they send photos, videos and Snapchats to their friends (and maybe most importantly, their parents).

Despite the undeniable benefits of smartphones for prom, the constant picture-sharing and ease of browsing social media can certainly detract from the night.

Ways Schools are Adapting Their Policies

At some schools, such as St. Francis High School in Mountain View, California, smartphones are banned at dances, except for prom. Teachers and chaperones let students use their smartphones to take pictures, but any students who were sitting down using their smartphones were asked to put them away.

And many teens still value the experience of prom, and understand when it’s time to put the phone away. Kaia Opalinski, a junior from Delaware, said she spent her prom having fun with friends, only using her phone to take pictures or talk with family.

Similarly, Nic Nash, a senior from Little Rock, said he’ll answer a text or take a Snap but would rather spend time hanging out with friends during prom.

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