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CGK President Jason Dorsey Speaks to the Orlando Magic

And they've already invited him back!

The CGK is passionate about working with organizations large and small, high-profile and under the radar. We love solving generational challenges, exploring new business trends, and working alongside leaders who are focused on driving results in competitive environments every day. All of this—plus us being sports fans—is why the CGK team was so excited for our President, Jason Dorsey, and CEO, Dr. Denise Villa, to visit the Orlando Magic for their big annual Partner Summit!

Both Denise and Jason attended the pre-Summit reception and visited with former Orlando Magic players, corporate sponsors, and current team leadership. During the reception, Jason and Denise also competed in some fun generational competitions by playing old-school retro arcade games from Arcade1Up, one of the sponsors of the Orlando Magic team. Who won? Well, the games were Centipede and Pac-Man and the winner by a very, very large margin in every game played was…you guessed…Gen X representative, Dr. Villa. In fact, Millennial Jason was surprised to see how Dr. Villa not only beat him on the overall score, but she earned the high score on both games!

After the reception, Dr. Villa and Jason Dorsey attended the game with Orlando Magic leadership and got to experience firsthand the many cross-generational experiences the Magic are leveraging to engage their FIVE generations of fans, employees, and stakeholders. This included a variety of food and beverage experiences, private suites, digital interactions, and numerous activations throughout Amway Arena. It was incredible to see how creative the Orlando Magic are in engaging their fans and stakeholders in person at the games as well as watching the live games and digitally at their own pace.

At the Partner Summit, CGK President Jason Dorsey was able to participate and listen to inspiring NBA leaders and executives, such as Mark Tatum. Mark gave a very global view into the trends, innovation, and engagement the league is using and experimenting with to drive greater memories, interactions, and excitement around the world. In particular, Jason was wowed by the tremendous amount and diversity of data that Mark and his organization analyze as they constantly test, measure, innovate, and grow around the world. The NBA is so much more than exciting basketball. It is truly a platform for bringing people together in person and digitally.

Jason’s keynote address, which included data and insights from his collaborations with Dr. Villa, covered the hidden and emerging trends that corporate partners need to know to understand, engage, and build trust with emerging generations of fans and consumers. This was a great tie-in with all the innovative ways that the Orlando Magic are creating new experiences, from social media to social causes. Jason then signed copies of his co-authored bestselling book, Zconomy, for all 150 brand and corporate partners as their VIP gift and take-action resource. The talk was such a hit that Jason will be back this week to speak again for the Orlando Magic!

The team at CGK is excited about sharing their data and discoveries with professional sports teams who have to navigate both the professional sports side of their business as well as the business and operations side of the larger brand platform.

Thank you for being on this journey of research, speaking, and pro sports (watching!) with Jason Dorsey, Dr. Villa, and Team CGK!

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