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New Research Led by Transact Campus in Partnership with CGK

At CGK, we love collaborating with market-leading companies and visionary leaders on original research. In our latest study, we had the opportunity to work with both at the same time! The end result: we are excited to highlight the release of Transact Campus’ National Study of Current College and High School Students Examining Financial Habits and Technology Usage. As the study title implies, this first-of-its-kind national study explored the mindset, expectations, behaviors, and intersection of Generation Z, young Millennials, technology, and payments—all through the lens of higher ed and campus experiences.

The research study featured 1,300 participants ages 16 to 20 to create a statistically accurate national snapshot of Gen Z and younger Millennials and their experiences with payments, IDs, and more. Collaborating with the pioneering team at Transact was a perfect fit for our research team because Transact is the award-winning leader in innovative mobile credential and payment solutions for a connected campus. They are all about bringing innovation and breakthrough data to life, and so are we at CGK!

Some of the insight areas explored in their new study include higher education priorities such as:

  • Campus recruitment and retention
  • Student experience
  • Payment preferences, frustrations, and expectations

The national research study led by Transact with the help of CGK is unique because it provides an accurate, generational cross-section of Gen Z and younger Millennials with a diverse variety of college experiences across the U.S. The combination of perspectives, backgrounds, and weighting to current college enrollment and upper high school ages in the U.S. delivers the missing, actionable insights that campus administrators would love to have but can’t find in a single or even multiple campus data review.

The national study revealed that there are key trends, behaviors, and interactions that emerging generations consider to be essential on campus and online, and these can vary significantly depending on the interaction, experience, and technology. The study also revealed there are specific strategies and initiatives that campus administrators can immediately implement to enhance outcomes across their institution by leveraging the impact of technology through a Gen Z and younger Millennial lens.

In other words, the study delivered exactly what we intended: new unexpected insights, practical strategies, and a deeper level of accurate conversation about students and payments in the U.S. To read the highlighted findings from the Transact study and access the white paper and more resources, visit:

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