The Center’s Research Featured on 25 TV shows in a day!

Breakthrough national research on Millennials, Gen Z, and entrepreneurship

The Center’s Research Featured on 25 TV shows in a day!

The Center for Generational was proud to partner with America’s Small Business Development Center’s to lead a breakthrough national study for the organization that explored Millennials and their attitude toward starting and owning their own business.

The national study dove into the mindset, behaviors, and priorities that Millennials bring to starting their own business, and how these were the same and different from other generations.

The study’s findings were so powerful that the study’s co-authors, Tee Rowe and Jason Dorsey, were featured on more than 25 TV shows in a single day!!! 

Click below the watch the quick video and see exactly how many people the study reached:


The study was also talked about in a feature story in and numerous other media outlets.

Want to learn more about Millennials and generations in entrepreneurship? Click here to access the white paper, infographic, and additional resources.

Do you want to partner on a national or international Millennial, Gen Z, or cross-generation research study? At The Center for Generational Kinetics, we are committed to separating Myth from Truth with real research. Email us here and we’ll set up a call. 

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